Review: Kate Powderless Liquid Foundation

It’s been a while I haven’t posted any reviews. I just wanted to use certain products for a month or so for me to decide on things. So now’s the time!

Now that I’m in Japan, I’ve decided to ditch my makeup products that I bought back home. Back then, I was only content with Korean BB creams and Avon products like face powder, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, and blush. Also tried other brands but nothing really special. Obviously, I wasn’t that much of a makeup fan due to my bad skin condition. I’d seldom use mascara and all. Besides, I was a little in the dark when it comes to cosmetics and wearing makeup. My goal was only to hide those horrible acne on my poor face.

Funny thing was I used to put a Korean BB cream on that was lighter than my undertone. Oh boy did I look strange! Hat tip to the makeup gurus on YouTube for the helpful tips. Still not a makeup geek and my skin isn’t that clear either, but I’d love to look good and feel good about it.

Apologies for the long intro. Let’s get started!

I’ve been using this product for about 2 months now and it’s my first time to use a liquid foundation. No BB creams this time.


  1. Kate Tokyo is a high-end makeup brand in Japan.
  2. Available at some drug stores nationwide.
  3. A highly-functional liquid foundation with a light texture that does not require a finish powder or produce unwanted shine.
  4. Smooth-covering liquid turns into powder in 15 seconds
  5. SPF20 PA++ (PO-B SPF25 PA++)
  6. 30ml, 2160 Japanese Yen
  7. Available in 6 colors.


  1. Plastic pump bottle which makes it really hygienic
  2. Very light and handy
  3. One of its colors matches my skin tone
  4. Dries quickly
  5. Watery texture
  6. A finish powder is TRULY not needed.
  7. Doesn’t make my skin look greasy.
  8. No breakouts
  9. Can give heavy, medium, and light coverage


  1. Too expensive for its size
  2. Oxidizes
  3. Skin appears dry
  4. Heavy coverage turns cakey
  5. Can’t cover red spots and under-eye dark circles
  6. Triggers the visibility of wrinkles

Hate to say it but I’m not buying it again. Perhaps, this product is good for those who are blessed with beautiful skin (with light coverage). I won’t recommend this to those who have problematic skin.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Kate Powderless Liquid Foundation

  1. Hello Sheryl. I am happy that you’re enjoying your life in Japan. May I recommend Lancome? They make smooth as silk foundation with a satin finish. If your skin doesn’t have blemishes, you may not need a lot. And of course, remember to use some argan oil as a primer to keep your skin glowing. Spritz mineral water over your makeup instead of using setting powder. If you prefer vegan foundation, I suggest Juice Beauty. It smells awesome and sets really well. You can get it on Amazon Prime, next day delivery.

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