How I got a South Korea Tourist Visa in Japan

How I got a South Korea Tourist Visa in Japan

UPDATED LAST: November 2020

I’m sharing with you my experience of getting a South Korea tourist visa from the South Korean consulate in Tokyo. I would like to state my facts first:

  1. My husband is Korean. I am Filipino.
  2. We are both expats in Japan.
  3. He holds a Permanent Residence Card.
  4. I’m currently not a permanent resident here. To be specific, the status is Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident.
  5. A housewife for the time being.
  6. Have never been to Korea but to other (3) Asian countries.

I did the application last month and I must say it surprised me how easy and fast it was. I was asked to submit these:

  1. Valid signed passport
  2. Japan Residence Card (photocopy and original)
  3. Completed Application Form
south korea visa application form
5 pages, written both in Korean and English, from the embassy

4. Passport size colored photo (should be pasted on the Application Form)

I was granted a C-3-9 single entry visa without any problem 2 days later and the cherry on the cake was I didn’t get to spend a single coin for it. Yes, it was for free!


Visa Application/ Issuance is on the 3rd floor.
Application: Morning only (9 – 11)
Issuance: Afternoon only (2 – 4)

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