Review: KOSE COSMEPORT Softymo Cleansing Foam Hyaluronic Acid

Review: KOSE COSMEPORT Softymo Cleansing Foam Hyaluronic Acid

Softymo is a brand under Kose Cosmeport that’s popular for their facial cleansers. Actually, Japan’s no. 1 facial cleansers. With the new formulation, I went ahead and gave this one a spin. If you’re looking for a cleanser that poses no side effects, keep reading.

I’ve been using this everyday since the first week of this month so I’m definitely ready to share my honest experience with this. As a rule, it’s going to be an easy read. Let’s start the ball rolling.


  1. With a silky texture, this gentle cleanser helps remove makeup and cleanses your skin.
  2. It penetrates into your skin and removes excess sebum and dirt.
  3. Leaves your skin smooth and moisturized.
  4. Contains hyaluronic acid that helps retain collagen, increase moisture, and provide elasticity and flexibility.
  5. With isoflavone that moisturizes dry areas while reducing oiliness in other areas of the skin.
  6. Other facial improvements to see: skin whitening, skin resilience, decrease redness, collagen boost
    1. Apply appropriate amount with a bit of water to make a lather and gently massage your skin.
    2. Rinse with lukewarm or cold water.


  1. Unscented
  2. Lathers up quickly
  3. Without makeup, it cleanses my face well.
  4. My skin doesn’t feel stiff after washing so it truly is gentle.
  5. Skin feels moisturized after washing.
  6. Budget-friendly


  1. Can’t completely clean up waterproof makeup.
  2. It’s been over 2 weeks since I started using this but haven’t noticed any dramatical changes in terms of skin whitening and redness. Maybe it takes time.

So far, this product has been nice to my skin which is sensitive, acne-prone, and recently dry. I’ll finish it up and see if I repurchase or just remain curious and try a different brand. What do you think of this product? What’s your favorite cleanser?

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