Review: Ottica (Online Retailer for Prescription Eyewear)

Review: Ottica (Online Retailer for Prescription Eyewear)

Have you ever ordered a pair of glasses online? If yes, how was your experience? Would you do it again? If no, would you dare to try? If you ask me, yes I have. It was actually just about 10 days ago when I received an email from Ottica. At first, I was a bit hesitant because of 2 main reasons:

  1. I already have sunglasses and eyeglasses.
  2. I didn’t think that purchasing them online would be convenient.

As a blogger who’s up to trying new things and sharing my experiences with others be it completely for free or not, I accepted the offer with excitement. Let’s get it on! As always, I’ll make it as brief as possible.

About the shop (in the words of Ottica)

  1. We have created a unique “house of brands” for prescription glasses, designed to give our customers access to the top designers across the globe.
  2. Selling glasses online allows us to select our frames from the most trusted brands – offering you quality at online prices.
  3. We believe there’s a fine line between quality and cost, between fairness and value. That’s why we choose to sell our glasses online.
  4. We operate a global network of specialty optical labs that cater to specific requirements and feature the newest innovations in optics.
  5. Unlike many online stores that take advantage of their endless space to create a clutter, we handpick our frames and present a carefully curated selection.

How I placed my order:

  1. I created an account on the site.
  2. Clicked on Sunglasses for Women.
  3. Because I was bit confused which one to choose (all of them were lovely), I filtered it through the size that would fit my face.
  4. Clicked on the pair I liked. Didn’t have to customize the lenses.
  5. Proceeded to the payment.
  6. Order placed.
ottica packaging
No scratches / damage!

I opted for a frame that would suit my face. I chose Coach at $175.


  1. I like their concept of “less is more”. It shows how dedicated they are to handpick the frames.
  2. Their selections are trendy.
  3. They have frames that will suit different shapes of faces.
  4. Using the site wasn’t hard at all. I was guided accordingly.
  5. My glasses came with a sturdy case and soft cloth. Unlike my first pair from a shop at a mall here in Japan that only came with a pouch and cloth despite its high price.
ottica brands

6. I was able to check if the frame would fit me through this function using my own photo.


7. Finding a pair was faster than I thought. Unlike when I was at a shop where it took me about an hour to find one. There were too many displays which added more confusion. I’m a type of shopper who always compares things.
8. No interaction needed with anyone in person. I sometimes don’t like to talk to a staff while checking / looking for something.
9. They operate a 24/7 in-house customer service. A live chat is also available.
10. Updates on my order were sent to my email until it was delivered right to the door.
11. My order arrived earlier than the expected date. Actual delivery was 10-14 business days. It arrived after 8 business days.
12. 100% money back guarantee
13. Free shipping in the US and Canada
14. Free returns
15. 365 Day Warranty
16. For prescription glasses, it isn’t difficult to get your pair. Just follow the simple steps on the site.


  1. Free shipping doesn’t apply when you’re in Asia. This isn’t new, though. So there was a charge for $24.95. Luckily the cost of my glasses was under the full amount of the coupon code, so shipping was covered too.
coach sunglasses
Coach sunglasses from Ottica

My overall experience with Ottica was great! No hassle at all. If I have the need to purchase a new pair in the future, I won’t hesitate getting one from Ottica. No need to step out of my door. I don’t mind paying for the import duty, consumption tax, and all.

NOTE: I paid for a total amount of ¥2,380 upon receiving the delivery for the following charges. So this review isn’t for the coupon code at all.

Import Duty + Consumption Tax + Payment Deferment

Try the site and experience for yourself and don’t hesitate to tell me about it or add things I may have missed here. Here’s the site: 

DISCLOSURE: I was given a coupon code for a $200 credit in exchange for this review. These are completely my own thoughts based on my experience.

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