Review: Nivea Lip Deep Moisture (Unscented)

Review: Nivea Lip Deep Moisture (Unscented)

I’m living in a place where the weather is crazy. Not that I hate it, but it takes time to get used to it. As the weather goes back and forth, my lips tend to suffer from dryness and at times they chap. Thus moisturizing them at all times is a must or else I’ll have to taste my own blood. Unfortunately, I ran out of my favorite lip balm.

The only Innisfree shop I know here in Japan is located somewhere in Harajuku which takes time and effort to get there from my place. As an alternative, I grabbed this product from the nearby Matsumoto Kiyoshi. Keep reading if you want to know how it treats my lips.

nivea lip deep moisture unscented


  1. High moisturizing lip care with SPF 20 PA ++
  2. Prevents chapped lips and cracks.
  3. Protect your lips from ultraviolet rays.
  4. Active ingredient: vitamin E 
    Five moisturizing ingredients: Honey, amino acid, olive oil, royal jelly extract, lauroyl glutamic acid (phytosteryl octyldodecyl)

I use this only at bedtime because it’s the time when my lips get really dry. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now. It’s indeed moisturizing. My lips are healthy the next day. The only thing that I find a bit off is the warm feeling on my lips. It isn’t burning whatsoever. It doesn’t even darken the corner of my lips. Perhaps it’s just the olive oil or something about the ingredients.

This will be my go-to lip care product. I highly recommend it! How’s your experience with this product?

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