Review: Maquillage Beauty Lock Mist

Review: Maquillage Beauty Lock Mist

Maquillage (マキアージュ – ma ki aj) is a cosmetic brand under Shiseido. I consider this as a pricey brand so I always avoid it whenever I shop for makeup products but last summer I had to break the habit.  Just so know, summer in Japan is crazy. Wearing heavy makeup would be a disaster without using tricks or hacks. While I don’t really wear heavy makeup, my light liquid foundation awfully creases due to the unbearable humidity and hot temperature. So I decided to buy this mist along with two other products that I will be reviewing here later on.

maquillage beauty lock mist review
90ml, (2000 + yen)

This setting spray claims to give the skin a fresh finish and locks makeup in place. It prevents excess oil, creasing, and faded eye and cheek makeup, making it the perfect choice for hot summer weather. Contains moisturizing ingredients such as super hyaluronic acid (sodium acetylated hyaluronate), glycerin, and soluble collagen. Has a citrus floral fragrance.

After applying your makeup, leave about 15cm from the face, with your eyes and mouth closed, spray it all over your face (4-5 pushes).


  1. Subtle scent
  2. Not itchy and heavy on the skin
  3. No burning sensation
  4. Dries up quickly
  5. Keeps excess oil at bay
  6. Truly locks up makeup in place (roughly 6 hours for me)


  1. It’s hard to push at times.
  2. It contains synthetic fragrance that may cause irritation or undesirable reactions.
  3. I don’t itch but everytime I use it, tiny bumps or pimples would appear the next day.

I really want to keep using this because it works, however it triggers pimples. I’m currently getting my acne treatment so when this goes well, I might get back to this product. Still, I’d recommend this if you don’t have sensitive or acne-prone skin. What’s your favorite setting spray?

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