Review: Eaude Muge Washing Foam (Moisturizing)

Review: Eaude Muge Washing Foam (Moisturizing)

Due to my love for Eaude Muge’s toner, I decided to try another product from the said brand. Expect this review to be brief for I don’t want it to be taking up too much of your time.

Just finished my first bottle after almost 2 months. I opted for the Moisturizing type since winter was approaching at that time. I used this twice daily.

eaude muge washing foam
  1. A facial foam with a pump.

2. Washes with a very fine lather.
3. Washes off dirt thoroughly and still leaves you with silky and hydrated skin.
4. Contains amino acid and moisture retaining ingredients which reduce the feeling of tight, dry skin.
5. Contains aloe extract and pearl barley seed extract.
6. additive-free
7. Available in 2 types: Moisturizing and Refreshing

  1. You don’t need to make a lather since it’s a self-foaming wash. Definitely saves time!
  2. It’s gentle on my skin.
  3. Truly makes my skin hydrated.
  4. No tight feeling right after washing
  5. No chemical-like scent
  6. Doesn’t dry my hands. You know some products do that thing, right?
  7. No allergic reaction
  8. No acne attack, thank God!
  9. Affordable
  10. Hygienic packaging
  1. It can’t thoroughly wash off makeup.
  2. Yes, it makes my skin hydrated but not for long. Thus, my skin becomes a bit oily later on. It’s best to still apply your favorite moisturizer.

I wouldn’t mind using it again since I have more reasons to like it than dislike it. Would recommend this!

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