Review: Maybelline Micellar Water

Review: Maybelline Micellar Water

I’m kind of surprised at this product. You’ll soon know why.


  1. A water-based cleansing product that has 4 benefits.
  2. Removes make-up, cleanses, hydrates, and soothes
  3. Fragrance-free, alcohol-free, oil-free
  4. Rinsing isn’t necessary.
  5. Suits all skin types.
  6. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested


  1. Moisten a cotton ball (or your regular one) with the product.
  2. Slightly press and hold for 5-10 seconds against your face.
  3. Gently wipe off. You may or may not rinse with water.


  1. I have acne-prone skin and fortunately, this remover doesn’t break me out.
  2. There’s no stinging sensation.
  3. Since it’s alcohol and oil free, my skin feels light and fresh every after use.
  4. It’s truly fragrance-free.
  5. Doesn’t leave my skin dry. It moisturizes a bit.
  6. Can remove waterproof mascara (not completely though).
  7. Quickly removes makeup (not completely).
maybelline micellar water review


  1. A bit expensive here in Japan (at least for me).
  2. I still have to double cleanse as it can’t completely remove all traces of makeup.

Will continue using this because it doesn’t cause pimples which is very important for me. Double cleansing is definitely not a problem. Recommended! What about your experience with this product?

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