Review: LB Sparkling Rich Shadow

Review: LB Sparkling Rich Shadow

First off, let me just say that applying makeup isn’t really my area of expertise. Thanks to the makeup tutorials on Youtube, I’ve learned a lot. I like to put on a little makeup when I’m in the mood. Also with a spot of makeup, I can disguise some minor imperfections. And when it comes to buying cosmetics, I don’t really fritter so much money away on expensive ones. Lucky me, I found this pretty but budget-friendly eye shadow palette sitting around the cosme rack in Don Quijote.

This was released last September of 2019. I purchased this sometime in November, probably. Keep reading if you want to know if it’s worth buying or not.


  1. An eye shadow palette that combines eye base and three colors of powder with different textures of cream, lame, pearl, and matte (see image below).
  2. The creamy eyeshadow base improves the color and durability of powder with a smooth finish.
  3. The lame/ sparkle color is fully packed with lustrous pearls and LB’s unique sparkle lame.
  4. The pearl/ main color has fine pearls and can be used as a single color.
  5. The matte/ shade color is highly pigmented and can enhance your eyes naturally without an eyeliner.
  6. Color: SR-3 (Sepia Brown), 1,200 yen (excluding tax)
  7. Other colors: SR-1 (Natural Beige), SR-2 (Terracotta), SR-4 (Grayish Purple)
lb sparkling rich shadow


  1. Comes with a mirrored case and a double-sided applicator
  2. Convenient to carry
  3. Simple and functional case with a box that has an application tutorial
  4. Easy to apply and blend
  5. You can create different looks using any of the colors. My go-to look is just a simple one using one or 2 colors.
  6. The colors are nice on the skin and long-lasting.
  7. No scent
  8. Not dusty looking
  9. Not messy to apply



I’m concluding this review by saying that this has been my favorite so far. Obviously, I’d recommend it especially to someone who has just entered the makeup world.
What’s your favorite Japanese eye shadow brand?

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