I tried 3 Bubble Tea Spots in Singapore

I tried 3 Bubble Tea Spots in Singapore

And here are my thoughts on each of them. First off, let me just bring into the open that I’m not a die-hard fan of this trending tea-based drink but I love me some good tapioca. It contains two ingredients that I’ve been trying to intake less, milk and sugar. These two aren’t good for my acne-prone skin and there are other reasons why I’m watching my diet.

I was with my sister and a friend in Singapore last Thursday to Sunday and I didn’t want to be a bummer so I gave in to a boba tasting spree. It was fun, though.

I think it’ll be easier for me to get this thing done by ranking these three. Starting at number 3 is this boba from Bistro Aseana which is located nearby Merlion Park.

Top 3 (Bistro Aseana)

bistro aseana singapore bubble tea review
over 7 SGD

This was the most expensive among the 3. Perhaps, it’s because of the store’s location. The size was so big for me that I wasn’t able to finish it up. I could taste the brown sugar for the most part. It was a bit sweet and the tapioca was a bit chewy in a nice way. It tasted like normal tapioca which wasn’t bad. There was nothing surprising about it but it did quench my thirst after a long walk. I admired how cozy and tidy the place was. And the fun part was seeing the cute plastic lids.

Aren’t they cute?

Rate: 3/5

Top 2 (iTea)

iTea is a premium drinks outlet established in Singapore back in 2011. Their mission is to provide their customers with a refreshing experience of premium tea at an affordable price. We found one of their outlets in Clementi Food Market, a popular hawker center.

itea singapore bubble tea review
less than 3 SGD

Much cheaper than the first one but I have to say that it tasted better. It was still a bit sweet but I could tolerate it. The size was a bit smaller than the first one. The tapioca was a bit sweet and chewy in a good way. Very refreshing!

Rate: 3.5/5

Top 1 (KECha Singapore)

Hailing from Taiwan, this beverage kiosk comes up with a range of drinks, from fruity teas to milk series, in splendid colors served in elegant and reusable bottles. But the pearl milk tea that we had was served in a typical plastic cup. You can find one of their outlets in Bugis Junction, formerly known as Parco Bugis Junction, a vibrant shopping mall in SG.

kecha singapore bubble tea review
less than 6 SGD

The three of us concurred that this one was the best among them. The combination of milk and tea wasn’t overpowering at all. It wasn’t overly sugary and the tapioca had a taste of brown sugar which was unique for me. It also had a nice chewy texture. This is probably a kind of drink that won’t make you feel queasy after having many sips. If it wasn’t too big for me, I could have emptied it.

Rate: 4/5

Have you tried any of them? Where’s your favorite boba store in Singapore?

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