Review: Ikidane Residential Hotel Hakata Tenjin 2

Review: Ikidane Residential Hotel Hakata Tenjin 2

Our home for 4 days and 3 nights in Fukuoka was like a warm cup of cocoa on a chilly afternoon. I’ve proven that it’s indeed better to expect less and be surprised than to expect more and be disappointed. Ikidane Residential Hotel Hakata Tenjin 2 gave us a wonderful nest to rest the entire time which was a surprise to me. I have a few good reasons why I’m recommending this aparthotel.

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  1. It’s located 9km away from the airport. I’m not good with numbers, so let me just say it’s not far and getting there isn’t a hassle. You can easily spot it as it’s just along the road. Please use Google Maps for the directions (just like we did).
  2. Getting to the sightseeing spots from here is accessible by train or on foot.
  3. Its surrounding is quiet and clean. When in the room, you can’t even hear the passing cars.
  4. Checking in and out is a breeze. You’ll be sent an email containing information on their rules in English.
  5. Next to it is a convenience store and just a walking distance to the restaurants.
  6. The facilities provided are all functioning. I love that it has a washing machine alongside a sachet of washing powder.
  7. Cooking is allowed. This cute kitchen has a small fridge and basic utensils.img_1927
  8. The bed is quite comfortable. An extra mattress is provided as well. img_1928
  9. The unit features a balcony where you can see the clean main road, pedestrians going about their day, nice buildings, blue skies, and so on.
  10. The tidy toilet and shower are separated and equipped with toiletries.
  11. Family-friendly
  12. It’s a bit bigger than the usual Japanese hotel.
  13. Its cleanliness is commendable.
  14. Free Wi-fi and it works well
  15. The price is just right!

One downside is that daily cleaning isn’t offered since it’s not your typical hotel. This wasn’t a problem for us at all, though. You can book this property through Just so you know, this entry is just my recommendation, not an ad. Have you ever been to Fukuoka? Where did you stay?

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