Review: Kracie Hadabisei Wrinkle Care Jelly Oil Serum

Review: Kracie Hadabisei Wrinkle Care Jelly Oil Serum

A year ago I noticed the appearance of wrinkles under my eyes which didn’t bother me at first. However, as time passed by, my under-eye wrinkles started to cause a bit of trouble especially when I had to put foundation on. The foundation would crease and settle in those lines. So I opted to find a product that would help reduce the appearance of lines. At a nearby drugstore, I found this one and gave it a go since the brand isn’t a stranger to me.


It’s a highly moisturizing rich serum that reduces dryness and fine lines. Blendable and quickly absorbed into the skin for deep-seated moisture. A dense light jelly type that’s non-drip. Upon touching the skin, the jelly formulation develops into oil for easy penetration into the skin. This beauty oil helps you achieve moisturized and supple skin.


After cleansing and toning your face, gently rub and tap an appropriate amount of the serum under your eyes and on the other concerning areas such as the lines around your mouth or neck. Use every night.

kracie wrinkle jelly oil serum review
15g, clear jelly type, Made in Japan

I’ve been using this for almost a year now and at this point, I have to say that this product is a late bloomer if you will. First few months, I couldn’t see any difference. The under-eye wrinkles and fine lines around my mouth were still very obvious even in the picture (bare face). I thought I just wasted my money on it. That being said, I decided to get on with it and try being patient. Then recently, I’ve seen some changes. The obvious lines under my eyes have toned down. Here’s a photo of my bare face and a close up look.

review kracie wrinkle jelly oil serum
I wasn’t able to take a picture of my “before” face due to my skepticism. I mean I wasn’t planning to write a review on this because the product didn’t do something nice or bad.


  1. Light on my skin.
  2. Doesn’t cause any irritation.
  3. The scent goes away after a few minutes.
  4. Gives moisture.
  5. It may be slow but it works.
  6. Blendable
  7. Lasts up to months or even a year.


  1. It’s not quick to dry.
  2. The effects are noticeable after 6 months or so.
  3. A bit expensive (at least for me).

I’ll stick to this and I highly recommend it especially if you don’t mind waiting for months to see the changes!

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