Review: FLOWFUSHI LIP 38°C Lip Treatment

Review: FLOWFUSHI LIP 38°C Lip Treatment

This lip treatment promises everyone’s lips a gorgeous, slightly flushed lip color of the optimal 38-degree body temperature. The color of each person’s lips is different due to the difference in blood temperature. LIP 38°C is blended luxuriously with FLOWFUSHI’s unique ingredient “end mineral” that increases your blood circulation and leads to 38°C  rosy-coloured lips. It also focused on the bacteria living in the skin. Prevents dullness and hyperpigmentation of thin, delicate lips while protecting from UV rays. Comes in 5 different colors with different functions.

flowflushi lip 38°C lip treatment review coral orange
Almost 2,000 yen, 6.5ml

It did pique my interest so I went ahead and bought one for myself last summer (about 2 months ago). I chose +5°C Coral Orange / HOT for hyperpigmented and dull-looking lips for obvious reasons.


  1. Cute packaging
  2. Easy to apply
  3. Can be used daily for a natural glossy look
  4. Not sticky
  5. Cruelty-free
  6. Unscented
  7. With SPF20 PA++
  8. It does improve the dullness of my lips (refer to the image below).


  1. It’s moisturizing but doesn’t last long.
  2. Can’t really get rid of hyperpigmentation (refer to the image below). All it does is just give my lips a glossy finish.
flowflushi lip treatment effect

Since it can’t really help me with my major concern which is hyperpigmentation, I won’t repurchase. However, I’d still recommend it to those who don’t have dark lips. You might want to try the other colors:
+3°C Coral Pink / VIVID for pale lips
+1°C Baby Pink / NATURAL
+-0°C Crystal / CLEAR
-2°C Ice Green / COOL – for red lips

What do you think of this Japanese product?

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