Welcome to The Pinay Ajumma!

Formerly named Thoughts of SheryL.
One day I felt the need to change my site title. I wanted something that has a ring to it and stays with the person who stumbles upon this little corner of the internet. Something that doesn’t give out my real name but describes who I am. The new name perfectly does it. 

A woman from Las Islas FIlipinas (the Philippines). Pinay is the colloquial term for that. At the age of 25, I found the other half of my heart who happens to be a Korean guy. The less polite term for a married woman in Korean is ajumma (아줌마). But I don’t want to get the ajumma perm yet. If you watch Kdramas, you know what that is.

The topics covered here are mainly travel-related stuff and unbiased reviews on skincare and food brands. I know there are dozens of review blogs out there but what singles me out from them is my complete honesty. I don’t do this in order to get noticed and receive free stuff in exchange for a “review”. I also want to share bits of my life as someone in an international marriage and living in a place where it’s foreign to both of us. We are a Korean-Filipino married couple living in the Land of the Rising Sun. Life is indeed full of surprises, huh? Join me as I try out new products, explore new places and decipher the world of marriage.

Thank you for being here. If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know. I’ll be grateful to receive suggestions, questions, and feedback from you.
Peace and love,


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      1. I looked up Mr. Sunshine on Netflix and realized that I like Korean Dramas that are “slice of life” (the type of genre in mangas). I have no idea what genre it is called in Korean so I used that saying to describe my taste. 😙


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