Review: CNP Laboratory Green Propolis Anti-Oxidant Ampule

cnp laboratory green propolis antioxidant ampule review

I bought one whole set of this high potency and powerful aging care ampule solution at Costco Japan for almost 6,000 yen including tax only for two reasons; first is that it was winter when I first saw this and my skin was super dry and the second one is because the face of this product is IU. I’m a low-key fan of hers. One set contains (2) 35ml bottles and (2) 5ml ones. I’m now on my 2nd 35ml bottle. I still have the 2 little ones and I’m saving them for autumn. Now, let’s get started.


  1. A potent anti-aging ampoule, containing concentrated Green Bee’s Propolis Extract, that visibly brightens and tightens saggy, pigmented skin for a youthful and radiant complexion.
  2. Contains Troxerutin on top of regular Propolis CAPE Complex as well as Co-enzyme Q10 to achieve greater anti-aging and firming effect.
  3. Fused with cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid molecules that have fifty times the water binding capacity of natural Hyaluronic Acid, which better adhere to skin to form a moisturizing shield for the skin as it delivers water to parched skin over time, making it plump and healthy.
  4. Also infused with Niacinamide and Adenosine to boost skin-brightening effect and skin elasticity.
  5. Formulated without parabens to minimize any possible skin irritation. Dermatologically tested.


1. Brazilian Green Bee’s Propolis: Powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties; supports collagen production; prevents skin damage by fighting free radicals
2. Coenzyme Q10: Promotes antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors; evens skin tone; reduces sun damage
3. Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrates skin instantly; plumps skin and reduces fine lines


Using 3 – 4 drops of ampule concentrate, apply evenly to the entire face and gently pat in for full absorption. To be used as the first step of skincare after toner. Product may be re-applied during the day for replenishment of nutrients to the skin.

Before we go to the pros and cons, here’s what my skin looked like last winter:


  1. Comes with a dropper so it’s very easy and clean to use.
  2. Has a light refreshing scent.
  3. Surprisingly, it’s not heavy and sticky.
  4. It does leave my skin feeling hydrated and plump for the entire day/night. My skin doesn’t look like that in the photo when I apply this on my skin.
  5. It also reduces redness.
  6. Doesn’t trigger acne and irritation.


  1. Definitely pricey for me.
  2. Although it has that light and refreshing scent which is probably an artificial scent, I’d still prefer a non-scented skin care product. It’s just me, I don’t know about you.

There you have it! Like always, I want to keep my reviews quick and straightforward just so not to waste your precious time reading unnecessary details. If you have any questions , don’t hesitate to contact me or leave them in the comments.

Do you use any ampules? What’s your favorite?

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2 thoughts on “Review: CNP Laboratory Green Propolis Anti-Oxidant Ampule

  1. I like The Loreal Serum for the face as it really works for me. My deep wrinkle when frowning (while driving in our NZ sunny weather) makes me get older but when there was a sale of that product I bought it for almost half price and how I wish I bought 2 as I cannot afford it anymore as it is pricey too after no more sale or promotion. Good thing my wrinkle is gone and my skin get better. I am waiting for another big sale haha!


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