Cinnabon Japan Nama Chocobon

Last Thursday was a national holiday here in Japan. I figured it was a good chance for me to pay Cinnabon a quick visit and finally try their new item called Nama Chocobon. It’s limited and available only until this month. So off we went!

Luckily, we live not far from this shop and when we got there, we didn’t have to queue up. I wanted to share this experience with you whether you’re a chocolate lover or not. Please enjoy watching! Feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated and needed.

Do you like Cinnabon? What’s your favorite item on the menu?

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33 thoughts on “Cinnabon Japan Nama Chocobon

  1. I love Cinnabon too! Never had one with Nama chocolate but that looks amazing. 😍


    1. It was good. If you love chocolate, you might enjoy it.

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  2. I love Cinnabon! Sadly, we don’t have that flavor here in PH. 😦
    But we have chocobon, which is my favorite.


  3. Apologies to you and Cinnabon, but your furbaby totally stole the video. Love his/her two-tone facial pattern. So adorbs!


    1. Thanks a lot for the compliment. Her name is Sushi, a Jack Russell Terrier. 🙂
      Are you a dog person?


  4. Great post looks delicious !! I have been looking for this plate forever !! Where did you get it from please ?


    1. I got it from a Japanese home decor shop here in Japan.


  5. That looks delicious!


    1. I enjoyed it! One piece was enough to satisfy my chocolate cravings.

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