A Housewife’s Typical Morning in Japan

housewife morning routine 2021

When people realize that I’m a stay at home foreign wife here in Japan, they often ask me the same thing. Perhaps out of curiosity, they want to know how I go about my day as a housewife in a foreign country. Without getting offended, I tell them the same things. I know that when I meet new faces, I’ll be faced with the same question over and over again. So instead of answering in repeated words, why not share an actual footage but in a cinematic way? Here’s a video of what my morning looks like.

You can also watch it on YouTube so you can easily leave your thoughts in the comments there. You know that I always want to hear from you. Please bear with me. I’m aware that I’m a novice at editing but I surely had fun putting this together. I could use some feedback though. Feel free to share your thoughts.
If you enjoy it, please consider subscribing to my channel. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

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