Review: Argelan Colour Lipstick

Argelan is an up-and-coming organic cosmetics brand that offers full-scale prescription, ease of use on a daily basis, and comfort. I always see this brand whenever I shop at Matsumoto Kiyoshi, the largest drug store franchise in Japan. Only this time I got curious about their organic lipstick so I bought one. Here’s my straightforward review on Argelan Colour Lipstick in the shade of amber rose.


  1. Highly colored semi-matte type that gives you a lipstick-like color with a single application
  2. 100% naturally derived ingredients
  3. Obtained organic certification
  4. Made in Japan
  5. Contains organic castor oil, a skin protection ingredient
  6. With organic sunflower seed oil which gives the effect of softening the skin
    coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, shea butter, orange peel oil, bitter orange flower oil, bitter orange leaf/branch oil, olive fruit oil, avocado oil, cacao fat, canina rose fruit oil, macadamia seed oil, lavender oil, prune seed oil, palmarosa oil
argelan colour lipstick amber rose
Argelan Colour Lipstick (Amber Rose), Price: 648 Japanese Yen (excluding tax)


  1. Free of silicon, paraben, synthetic coloring, synthetic fragrance, paraffin (lubricant), carbomer (thickening agent), carmine (red coloring that’s made from bugs)
  2. I deliberately used it for 2 days straight with or without a lip balm and exposed myself to a heater for hours. In winter, my lips tend to crack easily but with this lipstick I’m surprised how highly moisturizing it is. For 2 days, I didn’t have chapped lips due to dryness. It works well even on its own in terms of moisture.
  3. It smells like orange and refreshing. Take note, it’s not artificial.
  4. Non-irritating. Some ingredients can cause irritation but this lipstick seems to have the carefully chosen organic ingredients.
  5. It doesn’t burn my lips which means it has no capsaicin, a compound that causes the burning sensation that gives your lips a plumping effect. I’m not a fan of it.
  6. I like how it smoothly glides during application.
  7. The color is pretty pigmented so I don’t have to keep rubbing it on my lips to achieve the look that I want.
  8. Affordable


  1. It’s not transfer-proof.
  2. Since it contains a lot of plant ingredients, it breaks easily and the pigmentation doesn’t last long.

I think this lipstick is perfect for everyday use since it’s very gentle on the lips. I don’t really mind that its color doesn’t last that long because I don’t go out that much these days. Wearing a lipstick even at home is one way to uplift my mood. This one does the job. This isn’t a sponsored post, but I totally recommend this product. What do you think of this one?

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22 thoughts on “Review: Argelan Colour Lipstick

  1. Great post, I love this review and the colour is gorgeous. It’s a bit of a let-down that it doesn’t stay on for long but I think it looks like a good addition to your make-up bag x


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Eleanor! xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the shade of this lipstick! Fab review xx


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