20 Things I’m Grateful for in 2020

What better way to start this than giving thanks to those who invested their precious time in reading my previous list and expressed their well wishes? You guys have inspired me to come up with another list. 2020 has been unfriendly to everyone and during this crisis, it’s easy not to practice gratitude. I know that everything I write here may not apply to you, but I truly hope that this list will remind you to be grateful even with the current difficulties the world is facing. 

  1. Everyone that’s close to my heart is in good health. I’m always praying for everyone’s safety.
  2. My family abroad has enough food to eat at home despite not being able to go out as much as they want to.
  3. Technology. The ability to communicate with my family and friends online makes things better. Also, the vaccine for COVID-19 will be made ready for everyone soon, I hope.
  4. My husband didn’t lose his job and is working from home. This has helped us communicate better. Being together for 24 hours everyday for the past few months has taught us new things that we love and hate about each other. I know a lot of people lost their jobs because of the pandemic and I’m glad that the Japanese government is doing their best to help them out. 
  5. We have a shelter. Staying home is not a problem for us because we’re protected from the harsh winter breeze. It’s not a mansion but it’s very cosy in here.
  6. We have enough money to pay bills and buy our necessities and sometimes wants. I’m also able to share a little with my family and friends back home.
  7. My friendly neighbors. My lack of Japanese doesn’t stop them from greeting me and asking how I am everytime we meet.
  8. Nature. I feel blessed to live in a town where rice fields, parks, and soccer fields are less than 10 minutes away by car. Being in nature makes me feel more alive. My dog can walk freely there, too.
  9. My dog. Sushi makes me forget how messed up it is out there. Surely she can be a handful sometimes but her comedy, company and loyalty make up for it. She’s actually napping on my lap right now. She’s an independent dog but chooses to be with me. How can I not be grateful for this four legged best buddy?
  10. Long walks at the park or rice field with my dog. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been taking long walks outside our neighborhood once a day instead of plenty of short walks to distance ourselves from other people. This new routine is actually better for my ever energetic Jack Russell Terrier. 2 hours of long leash walking and about 20 minutes of free running can tire her out easily. Surprisingly enough to calm her down for the rest of the day.
  11. Kind people. With everything that’s been going on this year, some people are so stressed out that they vent their anger out on others. I’ve been in that situation thrice before but I’m thankful for the kind strangers I met after those embarrassing experiences. I believe there are still many of them out there. 
  12. Twitter. I used to be inactive there but lately I’ve discovered it’s in fact a nice place to meet like-minded individuals who would be willing to support my blogging journey although I’m not someone to be called the best blogger in town. I’ve met a lot of them these days. Shout out to my Twitter friends for being supportive.
  13. My early quiet mornings. This is the kind of luxury I couldn’t afford when I was living with my family back home. Of course I love being with them but my personality really needs some peace and quiet especially in the morning. I’m also at the age where I prefer to be alone while enjoying the first rays of sunlight lighting up the living room with a cup of lukewarm water. Just an hour of that special moment with my own company and I’m off to a brighter day. Thanks to my husband who gets up a little late and my dog who goes back to bed after her breakfast.
  14. My stress is under control. I’d be untrue to myself if I said I wasn’t stressed out due to the pandemic. Not being in control over things is something I dread but I try not to let it eat me alive. In times like this, I say a prayer and remind myself of the little things that I should be grateful for.
  15. Hot showers. I don’t hate the cold. It’s just that I was born in a frost-free country and getting used to the cold season here is still a lot of work for me. So when I’m in the shower, I cherish every warmth that touches my skin.
  16. Netflix. This is probably one of the best reasons why I could stay all day at home. Need I say more?
  17. Turning 30 and being married for 5 years. Beyond grateful for another year of living and loving.
  18. Getting enough sleep. This is a luxury not everyone can afford, especially these days. Before I go to bed I pray for a good night’s sleep for myself and people I love. And when I wake up the next day, I don’t miss expressing my gratitude for the gift of sleep.
  19. Freedom to do what I want. Not everyone has it and some may have it more than others but this year I’ve been blessed to be able to make my own choices. 
  20. Last but not least, YOU. Yes, you. You’re here reading this simple list written by a nobody  when you can be someplace doing something else. You should know that I sincerely appreciate you. No matter where you are, I hope you are safe and well.

I’d like to conclude this with a remarkable quote that made me smile after completing this list.

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.”

– Amy Collette

What are 2 things you’re grateful for this year?

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