Kegon Falls in Autumn

The most popular of Nikko’s 48 waterfalls. It’s said to be majestic in any season. Autumn is still here and I had the chance to visit Kegon Falls (Kegon no taki) being surrounded by the colors of the season. I only have one word for it: grand.

I was so impressed that I only took 2 or 3 photos of it. Also, I was already stunned by the scenic views as we were driving through the curby road to get there. Getting there by car was convenient except for the curbs. If you have motion sickness, it’ll get you but it’s not really dangerous. From its own parking lot which isn’t for free, it takes about 5 minutes on foot to get to the viewing platforms. Just on the first platform, it gave me enough time and space to revel in its beauty from a great height and it was for free. If you wish to hear its thunder up close, a special lift will take you to the basin. It’ll only cost you 570 yen and 340 yen for your kids. I can’t tell you what it feels like to be there because we decided not to take the lift. We tagged along our dog. Dogs are prohibited. We could leave our dog somewhere if we really wanted to take the lift but I personally didn’t feel comfortable with it due to the pandemic situation. Maybe next time when this is all over. It’s better to go there on a weekday. It’s less crowded.

Kegon Falls, side view from the first viewing platform

How to get there by bus:

  1. Take the Tobu bus from JR or Tobu Nikko station for Chuzenji Onsen.
  2. Get off at Chuzenji Onsen bus stop and walk about 5 minutes.

Getting lost would be unlikely to happen for the first time visitors since English sign boards are put up around the area. When you’ve had enough of it for the day, plenty of restaurants and shops await you just around the vicinity. You can also swing by Nikko National Park where you can see the city’s top attractions. Good luck in covering the whole area in just a day!

For more information on Kegon Falls, the official website is here.

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10 thoughts on “Kegon Falls in Autumn

  1. Cool to see other parts of the world.


  2. It says a lot about the place that captivates you so much that you forget to take pics! The falls look lovely and nice that it’s close to NikKo National Park so that you can make it a full day in nature. Thanks for sharing with us!


  3. Great recommendation. This whole area is a favorite.


    1. Glad to know. Thanks for dropping by!


  4. Wow this looks like such a gorgeous spot! I love how you’ve included travel suggestions, just in case someone is visiting nearby and wants to check out your recommendation 🙂


  5. this would be an amazing photoshoot with my tails! I wish I could go there!!


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