Review: Kirkland Signature Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Chocolate chips are a staple ingredient in a variety of baked goods. Finding a brand that ensures quality and great flavor can be a bit of a battle. If you’re still searching for the perfect chocolate chips for your desserts, you might want to have a look at this brief review.

I found this bag of gem at Costco just less than an hour drive away from our place. I can’t remember the exact price right now but I’m pretty sure it’s reasonable. The chips are bigger than those in the supermarket.

kirkland semi sweet chocolate chips review
2.04 kg (4.5 LB)


  1. Made with ethical and sustainable cocoa
  2. Contains milk and soy
  3. Great for baking and snacking
  4. Made by Costco
  5. Made in USA

    Sugar, chocolate liquor, milkfat, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, and natural flavorings

I’ve incorporated these chocolate morsels into a number of desserts I’ve made many times since I got them. So here are my unbiased points.


  1. Packaging is practical.
  2. Flavor is just to my liking. Truly semi-sweet.
  3. They really go well with any desserts.
  4. Truly great for snacking as well.


  1. Not gluten-free
  2. Can’t find it elsewhere other than Costco. Can be bought online but at an excessive price.

Here’s a photo of my coconut cupcakes topped with these very chocolate chips. I made these a little over a week ago and I was satisfied with how they turned out. Just the right level of sweetness. The chocolate chips were like treats on top of a treat.

I highly recommend this brand. Truly a value for money.
Do you like chocolate chips? What’s your favorite brand?

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24 thoughts on “Review: Kirkland Signature Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

  1. How can you go wrong with chocolate?

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  2. Anything chocolate & I must read all about it, lol!

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  3. My favorite chocolate chip is whatever kind is right in front me. Some aren’t as good as others, and some are way down on the “not as good as others” scale… But I’ve never really had a bad one. Also, my cooking is pretty much all working with bar chocolate. My wife is the baker and I rarely deal directly with chips, just the finished product.

    And how can you post a picture of coconut cupcakes and _not_ share the recipe!


    1. Fair enough. Some chips I’ve tried were a bit waxy.
      Oopsie daisy! I’ve recently restructured my blog. I won’t post recipes anymore. My blog will now only cover product reviews, travel related stuff, and a little personal stuff as well. 😀


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