Review: Shiseido Elixir Lifting Moisture Lotion II

In my previous post, I mentioned that I bought 2 kinds of lotion from Elixir. So this is the other one. I put this on my face every night. It’s recommended to use it twice a day but the frugal in me says differently. Just like my morning lotion, I’ve been using this for almost 2 months now.


  1. This lotion acts as skin softener which contains enhancing moisturizers that impart a dewy glow and vibrant resilience to your skin.
  2. It is a revolutionary anti-aging skin care lotion that works nurturing the outermost surface of your skin which is the key to softness, clarity and radiance.
  3. Penetrates and hydrates from deep inside the cell layers to the outermost part, making the skin firm and clear.
  4. Available in three different formulas depending on your skin type: I = Light (for oily skin) / II = Moist (normal to combo skin) / III = High Moist (dry skin)

After washing / toning your face, put few drops of lotion on the palm of your hand and gently spread it on your face. Be sure to wash your hands first. You can also use a cotton.

I personally use my hands in applying this because it goes right into my face. This serves as my moisturizer so I don’t want any of it absorbed into the cotton.

elixir lifting moisture lotion
You just need 2 drops.


  1. Nice and messy-free bottle
  2. Easy to dispense
  3. It has a relaxing aroma of aqua floral that doesn’t linger.
  4. Feels super light on my skin. Not sticky at all.
  5. Quick to dry
  6. Doesn’t trigger acne.
  7. My face feels supple and soft once it’s absorbed into my skin.
  8. Does a good job moisturizing my face all night long. It’s perfect for warm / hot weather.


  1. First few days, one might experience a very mild peeling (it just means it’s working).
  2. No immediate visible great results (probably because I don’t use it as often as needed to get significant results).
  3. Belongs to the pricey side.

In fairness to this product, if I had used this twice a day for two months, I would have seen significant results (like lifted look to the skin, clarity, and radiance). But for now, I’m satisfied with how well it moisturizes my skin. This brand believes that a well moisturized skin is one way to slow the aging process of the skin. The possibility of me repurchasing this is high. Would I recommend it? Gladly!

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