Review: Shiseido Elixir Advanced Lotion II

Elixir is just one of the many brands created by Shiseido. It specializes in anti-aging skincare and is loved by a wide range of customers and has maintained the top sales ranking in Japan for 13 consecutive years (Nov 2006-Oct 2019 sales share). This is the reason why I decided to give this brand a shot even if it’s a bit pricey for me. I bought 2 types of lotion but today I’m only reviewing this one first which I’ve been using for almost 2 months now.



  • It has 3 types. I (さっぽり = Refreshing), II (しっとり = Moist), III (とてもしっとり = Very Moist). Type I is recommended for oily skin, type II is for oily and dry combination skin and type III is for dry skin.
  • This lotion retains moisture and reduces wrinkle effectively with unique formulas.
  • Helps keep skin looking clean, radiant and glowing.

After washing face, put 2 drops into a cotton and gently apply it to the whole face. You can also use your hands. Be sure to wash your hands first.

I use this as my morning moisturizer.

All you need is just 2 drops.


  • Nice and messy-free bottle
  • Easy to dispense
  • Has a pleasant scent that doesn’t linger.
  • It’s very light on my skin. No sticky feeling.
  • Even if the weather gets warm or hot, my face doesn’t feel tacky at all.
  • Quick to dry
  • I apply sunscreen after this and it makes the application easier. My sunscreen just glides even more smoothly.
  • Doesn’t trigger acne.
  • It’s hot these days so I don’t want to apply a lot of products to my face. I just want a toner followed by a moisturizer, and then a sunscreen. This fits perfectly as my moisturizer in the morning. It does moisturize my skin all day long.


  • The glowing effect doesn’t last long.
  • No immediate visible result like the skin being radiant and wrinkle-free.

So far, my acne prone skin is satisfied with its moisturizing power. I think with continued use, I’ll be able to see great improvements with my skin. I will repurchase this if I don’t feel like trying a new product or a different brand. I definitely recommend this lotion!

Author: The Pinay Ajumma

1990 | Socially awkward | Chocolate addict

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