I tried Maangchi’s Jjapaguri with Steak Recipe!

Also known as ramdon which is a made-up name from the Oscar-winning Korean film, Parasite. I haven’t watched it yet but I’m definitely going to watch it once it shows at the nearest cinema. Foreign movies mostly come late here in Japan.

This instant noodle dish took the internet by storm when the movie became a big hit after being released in May last year. The foodie in me just couldn’t stop wanting to try it. The first time I tried it following a channel on YouTube that I don’t want to name, it just didn’t taste right for me.

So for the second time, I decided to try Maangchi’s recipe. If you’re into watching cooking videos, you must have bumped into her YouTube channel many a time. She’s renowned for delivering cooking videos centered around Korean cuisine.

It’s super easy to do. You just have to get your hands on the 2 popular Korean instant noodles, Jjapagetti (짜파게티, labelled as Chapagetti in English) and Neoguri (너구리). The beef is added to upgrade the dish. There’s a story behind it in the movie which I really want to witness myself.

If you’re in Japan, you can get these noodles at some Korean shops located in Shin-Okubo in Shinjuku. Another option is Amazon Japan. The brand is Nongshim. A good one, I should say.

Maangchi’s recipe gave me the flavor I wanted. I was able to taste the distinct flavors of each noodle. The combination wasn’t overpowered by the steak. For the dish not to turn dry, she recommends to add a cup of the strained hot noodle water which I particularly imitated. It absolutely worked. In the movie, they used top-quality Korean hanwoo beef which I couldn’t get at our local supermarket. I just substituted it with some Australian beef. By adding a little butter, the beef tasted rich and yummy. I am well aware that it isn’t a healthy dish but I really enjoyed it! It’s something I’d like to have every once in a while.

What do you think about this dish? Have you tried it?

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25 thoughts on “I tried Maangchi’s Jjapaguri with Steak Recipe!

  1. Looking forward to eating this delicacy! Food craving sufficed, then crave for book reviews, visit my blog!


  2. Glad you liked it, I enjoy watching Maangchi too, I think she’s great. I’m vegetarian so I’d use maybe mushrooms instead for this dish Jiapaguri seems similar to jiajiang myun, another noodle dish that’s very tasty.


    1. Oh I like jjajangmyeon! It’s similar to jjapagetti and I love to pair it with tangsuyuk.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I always enjoy watching cooking shows but feel scared to try to cook the recipes 🙂. Is it easy to follow Maanchi’s directions? I liked how she even took students to a Korean grocery to show them what she likes in different products. If I wasn’t Korean it would be confusing to see all the products.


        1. For this particular recipe, it was super easy to follow. I’ve watched her other videos before but I didn’t try them. I prefer recipe videos that are short and don’t “talk”. You know what I mean. 😀


  3. Mouthwatering 😃


    1. If you ever try it, let me know what you think. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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