Love is Strange

Love can paint a smile on your face. It can drown you in tears. One day you’re walking above the clouds and the next day you’re walking in the rain. Love can make you whole. It can break you into a thousand pieces. Today you’re the happiest person alive and tomorrow you’re the saddest. Love can make you write a love song. It can make you write a bitter poem. You can be the missing piece in someone’s puzzle. You can also be the reason why the puzzle becomes incomplete.

Love can make your world go round. It can end your world. You see colors everywhere when love is there. You see gray when love is lost. This minute you’re a shining star and the next minute you’re a falling star. Everyone hopes for it. No one hopes for it to perish. Love can make your dreams come true. It can break your dreams, too. Love can make a wise man crazy. It can turn a beautiful soul into a hateful one. All you need is love but you can’t find it all the time. When you find it, you either stay or run away.

Love can let you see the good. It can blind you, too. Because of love, some are lost. And some are found. Some can find love at the right place while others find it at the strangest place. It makes you high. Sometimes low. You do things for love even if sometimes it doesn’t make sense. Love can take you to places. Sometimes, it’s the reason why you’re stuck in the cold. So many hearts have been broken by love. And so many hearts have been mended. Some people use love to get what they want. And some do everything to get love. Love is powerful.

Everyone wants it. No one wants to lose it. It’s the best thing one can give and receive and yet, it’s sometimes not enough for a person to stay.

Thank you for reading! Join me as I try to understand this thing called love.

Author: The Pinay Ajumma

1990 | Socially awkward | Chocolate addict

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