Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick is not for me!

This liquid lipstick is available in a range of super saturated shades and without a doubt, they’re all pretty. However, it’s not enough reason for me to go crazy about it. I may have made a mistake for purchasing 2 different shades and I swear I won’t try the others anymore. I think I’ve had enough.

It’s true that it lasts long but it certainly has downsides.

  1. It doesn’t come off easily using my regular makeup wipes. Rubbing your lips many times is definitely not a good thing to do. It can cause darkening and dryness.
maybelline superstay matte ink liquid lipstick review

Fortunately, I have a cleansing balm that helps me remove this thing off. I also use my cleansing oil sometimes.

2. The formula doesn’t let me prime my lips using a lip balm because if I do that, the ink won’t be fully absorbed and will result to breaking or peeling.
3. Since I can’t apply lip balm before this product, my lips tend to dry or crack after a couple of hours. And it’s not pleasing to look at.

4. It feels heavy on my lips.
5. Even if I use just a little dab of the product, it still takes time to dry so it’s not transfer-proof.

I have these shades now but will be thrown away later. It’s a shame this product doesn’t work at least for me. This isn’t bad-mouthing and I’m not upset at all. I’m glad I’ve tried this, though. If not for this experience, you wouldn’t be reading this review.

maybelline superstay matte ink liquid lipstick review
I bought the shade 70 at Watsons in the Philippines while 210 at Don Quijote here in Japan.

Have you tried this? I’d love to hear your experience.

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30 thoughts on “Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick is not for me!

  1. Hey this a pretty honest review of how it has worked for you. I haven’t really tried it so I wouldn’t know. The colours you have are really nice. I love the Maybelline lip balm though, it’s an all time favourite and works well for me.


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