Review: Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color

I spice up my boring hair by dyeing it in the comfort of our home. I choose not to go to the salon to get my hair dyed because I find it expensive. The good thing is that there are dozens of Japanese brands that make DIY hair coloring easy. Blaune by Kao is my HG! I’ve used plenty of others before this, but this one is the best. I love things that don’t complicate my life. This kit perfectly exemplifies that.

kao blaune bubble hair color

The kit includes 2 solutions, a foamer cap, a pair of gloves, and a sachet of rinse-off treatment. One box is actually more than enough for my mid-length hair. If you have longer and thicker hair, you might need 2 boxes. The instructions are available only in Japanese but the images are comprehensible. In my own words, here are the steps.


  1. Pour Solution 1 (black bottle) into Solution 2 (white bottle). Close the white bottle with the regular cap and gently tilt it for about 5 times. Be careful not to shake it. Then remove the cap and attach the foamer cap (pink one).
  2. Wear the gloves. Dispense the solution by pressing the center of the bottle. Apply the foam to the roots of your hair first. From there, work it all the way to the strands. Make a hair bun. Leave it on for 20 minutes. No need to cover it.
  3. Rinse it off. Apply your regular shampoo and rinse. Then put on the attached repair treatment. Wait for about 3 minutes. Rinse it well.

It’s best to do this when you want to take a shower. Be sure to do a skin allergy test (patch test) 2 days before application. You can do so by taking a small amount of the mixed solution (Step 1 above) with a cotton swab and dab it on the back part of your arm. If you experience any abnormalities after that, do not proceed.

Why I love this product

  1. I haven’t experienced any allergic reaction to it since the beginning. I hope it stays that way.
  2. It has a scent that’s not harsh and suffocating at all. The included repair treatment smells nice.
  3. Makes my hair smooth and shiny for weeks. Not drying at all.
  4. Because you only have to tap the foam into your hair, it doesn’t stress your scalp or put pressure on it. I’ve tried using other brands that ask you to use brushes or combs to apply the product with. I don’t enjoy such activity because when your hair is wet with hair coloring product, it tends to stiff. Therefore, you have to apply pressure not just on your hair but also on your scalp. This can damage both to some extent.
  5. It doesn’t drip. The foam changes to cream form by just rubbing into hair, so it clings and penetrates when leaving it on for coloring. I can check my blog while waiting for the timer to go off.
  6. The foam spreads smoothly and won’t leave out the back of the head and inner layers of hair.
  7. The color stays beautifully on for about 3 months or so. Contains hair protecting ingredients (hydrolyzed silk solution, soft lanolate).
  8. It’s non-hazardous and gentle. How do I know it’s gentle? My hands don’t peel and look pruney after touching the foam during rinsing.
  9. Application is super easy! I can’t stress this enough. In about 30 minutes, this gives my hair a new life.
  10. It doesn’t leave any color residue on my towel.
  11. It has a variety of shades to choose from.

I’m 29 years old and I get scattered gray hairs here and there from time to time. Take a look at this collage I made right before writing this article to show you the pleasing transformation of my hair. I did my regular hair dyeing using this product a few hours ago. This time I used color 6 (dark brown). It’s recommended for gray coverage. It gives you that natural dark color. This is really good value for money.

blaune bubble hair color

What do you think about this product? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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4 thoughts on “Review: Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color

  1. Very helpful guidance!!! I feel like if my best friend wasn’t also my hairdresser, I could definitely follow your directions happily, and with peace of mind!! Thank you!!


    1. Lucky you! Glad to be of help. Thank you for dropping by!


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