Review: Guerisson All Stage One Pack

I love free stuff. Who doesn’t? Where do I usually get them? Hotels. Among the complimentary things I’ve received so far, this one stood out. I got this from our stay in Toyoko Inn while we were exploring Busan late December of last year. I was a bit hesitant to use it back then since the brand was a total stranger to me. Last week, as I was looking for a mask to use, this one caught my attention and went for it. Take note, I still had no knowledge about the brand. What made me finally use it is that the product is composed of 5 different kinds of skin care goods. I intended to document this one-time use so you’ll see my before and after photos below.

Before you skip to it, here’s a little background of the maker of this product.

Apparently, Claire’s Korea is the one who manufactured Guerisson. They claim to create high-quality goods and new designs which go beyond the expectations of the customers. Guerisson is a sensational K-beauty brand that’s known for its patented horse oil, an ancient Asian medicine ingredient. Using this mysterious and powerful ingredient, they produce an array of products that combat skin imperfections such as uneven tone, fine line and wrinkles, dry & dehydrated skin, acne marks, freckles & etc.

How fascinating, isn’t it? Now let’s talk about the star of the day.

guerisson all stage one pack

Suggested Retail Price: 3,900 Korean Won
Available at their online shop and authorized resellers. Please be sure to buy from authorized Guerisson resellers for authenticity, warranty and customer service. 


  1. A special skincare item that has 5 steps to help improve damaged skin.
  2. Filled with horse oil that enhances skin firmness and hydration.
  3. Delivers deeper nutrients to the invisible depths, resulting in a smoother and firmer shiny skin.
  4. Description of the steps:
    Step 1 (Skin Corrector, 1.5g) = Water essential that contains horse oil to prepare skin after face wash. It’s like a toner. It soothes and improves skin texture and moisture.
    Step 2 (Boosting Essence, 1.5g) = Gives and balances moisture.
    Step 3 (Horse Oil Cream Mask, 27g) = Helps deepen skin barrier and promotes elasticity by delivering deep nutrients.
    Step 4 (Deep Emulsion, 1.5g) = A lotion that boosts skin firmness.
    Step 5. (Focus Cream, 1.5g) = Revitalizing cream that gently penetrates to make skin brighter. Also helps reduce wrinkles.
    1. Wash and cleanse face. Apply Step 1 & Step 2. Wait for 1-2 minutes.
    2. Pull out the mask (Step 3) and place onto face. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes.
    3. Remove the mask and gently pat face for absorption.
    4. Apply Step 4 and wait for 1-2 minutes,
    5. Lastly, apply Step 5. Let it absorb.
    *I included my neck in all steps because why not.


First of all, I really enjoyed doing all the steps. It was like a home facial treatment session. Applying them was a piece of cake. Visual instructions are seen on the back which is a good point for non-Korean speakers. I found the amount of products in each step was lavish. I felt so loved. Now I’m going to describe the steps in a quick manner.
Step 1 = Consistency: watery / no funny scent / not sticky at all / dries quickly
Step 2 = Consistency: less watery / no funny scent / not tacky / lightweight / dries up within 2 min
Step 3 = non-drip mask / easy to use / no chemical-like scent / with lightweight essence / super moisturizing but no sticky feeling at all
Step 4 = Consistency: a mix of watery and creamy / no chemical-like scent / lightweight / skin felt hydrated after use
Step 5 = creamy but light on my skin / skin looked brighter after use

After everything was done, my skin felt so good. I noticed the glow and brighter tone. The redness calmed a bit. I had to wait for more than 2 minutes before going to bed to at least dry everything up. With abundant amount of products, surprisingly there was no heavy feeling at all. No itchy feeling either. Safe to say that I had a pleasant experience with this. Even the next day, my skin still felt moisturized and supple. Due to my admiration of this skincare product, I’m posting my bare face.

Notice the dewy look and brighter tone?

I think this pack is perfect for traveling especially to those who prefer to travel light. I also think that if I continue using the individual products, my skin might improve so much. Another thing to admire about this brand is that their products are free from steroids and harmful chemicals. The mild formula makes the products safe enough to be used on a baby’s skin. If given the chance, I’d shop this particular item. I highly recommend this!

What do you think of this product? Would you try it?

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4 thoughts on “Review: Guerisson All Stage One Pack

  1. Certainly sounds worth a try.

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    1. I’ve just checked and I can get it in France.


      1. Nice! If you ever try it, share your experience with us!

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