Super Junior’s Concert in Saitama is Cancelled

(This is the poster for the concert tour Super Show 8: Infinite Time. Copyright belongs to the distributor of the event, the publisher of the event or the graphic artist.)

A few minutes ago, I was just on the official site of Super Junior gathering more details on their Super Show 8: Infinite Time world tour concert which commenced in October of last year. They successfully held some shows in select Asian countries until last month this year. Earlier this month, the management decided to postpone their 2 shows (March 25 & 26) in Saitama Super Arena in response to the Japanese immigration’s 14-day quarantine policy for travelers entering the country especially from China and South Korea to prevent spread of virus that was imposed on March 5, 2020. I didn’t want to make COVID-19 as the introduction of this short article as I am well aware that everyone knows what’s going on right now.

In all honesty, I was a little sad because I was definitely looking forward to it. I enthusiastically bought the ticket for the March 25 show 2 months ago. After learning about it being put off which I did a week ago, I knew deep down that one way or another this concert will eventually be cancelled. I wasn’t being pessimistic at all. Just a feeling based on what I’ve been seeing on the news. This coronavirus pandemic has been all over the news every single day here in Japan since the beginning.

Turns out my hunch is unfortunately correct. I’ve been informed that the shows have been called off for everyone’s sake. Fair enough. I’m still glad that I almost had the chance to see 8 members of the group perform in the flesh. I’ve also learned that Heechul Kim, my sort of most favorite member wouldn’t actually be joining the tour due to his ongoing health issues. You see, I didn’t do my research prior to buying the ticket because I wanted to be surprised. However. this news didn’t come as a surprise. I kind of anticipated it. How about you? Were you going to Saitama to watch them?

Maybe it’s not just meant to be. It’s not yet my time to see him..them. Perhaps, another time and in another place. This virus situation is no joke. I do hope it will come to an end soon. How are you holding up there? Don’t panic, but be prepared. Take care!

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Author: The Pinay Ajumma

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6 thoughts

  1. Oh, I really didn’t know that.
    I should’ve mentioned it in our lessons back then.

    I was a fan of 은혁.
    And I really loved their music.
    SORRY, SORRY brings back memories.

    Let me know when you go to their concert next time!


    1. That’s the only song that comes to my mind right now. It’s been ages since I listened to their music. 😂 I probably should go through their albums one of these days.
      You got it!


    1. I was a fan when they first came out. I don’t know what happened after that. I just lost interest. Then lately, I’ve been watching this Korean variety show called 아는 형님 on Netflix. Heechul Kim happens to be in it. He’s funny in the show. I’ve started to like him. Hope to see him someday. Who was your favorite among them?


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