Top 5 Things to See in Nagoya

The capital city of Aichi Prefecture is about a 6-hour drive away from my place. It’s quick to get there by plane or shinkansen (bullet train) but road trips give me a different sense of excitement. On the road, you can see things that are sometimes out of the ordinary. It’s also a chance for me to take a peek of the typical Japanese life. Another thing is that I get to visit a few highway rest stop areas that have attractive gardens. Japan has a way to turn a regular place into something extra. You’ll probably agree with me if you’ve seen one.

I kicked off my February with a 2-night escapade in the city that plays an important role in Japan’s industrial society. Going there with my husband, mom, and our furry buddy Sushi made this trip rather special. While Sushi was staying at a pet hotel not so far from our hotel, the humans were out there exploring Nagoya (名古屋).

With the given time and effort, we were able to visit these 5 popular spots. 6 actually but Nagoya TV Tower was closed when we got there. It’s said to be under renovation at the moment. Links are provided for your educational needs. Please note that I’m not affiliated with these institutions.

The main tourist spot of the city that takes pride in its early modern castle design and architecture. It was awesome to be in the country’s first castle to be designated a National Treasure. For 500 yen, the place didn’t disappoint me. My eyes were so full taking in the beautiful sceneries. After all the strolling and learning, we had the chance to watch the samurai show. It’s to die for! It was in Japanese but I had so much fun. I think I was grinning the whole time. Do yourself a favor! Never miss it!

We arrived here as the sun slowly went down which added some drama to the atmosphere. It was as calm as the still water. Different species of flowers were blooming. The pathways were ordered and lined with greenery. If you’re into taking photos, you won’t run out of inspiration here. We missed the museum but I’m sure it’s worth visiting as well. Special exhibitions are held there. So be sure to check their website for the dates if you want to catch them.

It’s advisable to visit the park during spring in order to enjoy the sakura or the Wisteria Festival from the end of April to early May. We didn’t get to see both but still had a lovely walk around the elliptical pond ringed by green avenues of trees. Admission is free. Parking is available free of charge.

Seriously, we had to queue for over 30 minutes I guess just to take a parking spot. It was a busy day. It always fascinates me to watch the locals do their rituals at a shrine. That’s why wherever I go, visiting a shrine is always on the list. There, we witnessed a traditional Japanese wedding that was totally new for me. Lots of trees here and on your way out or in, there are food stalls that offer local eats.

An impressive architecture! It’s a great space for recreation. Nature and man-made elements in one place. The rooftop gave us a magical experience with its lighting displays. From there we had a good view of Nagoya TV Tower and the city lights. A photogenic spot indeed.

My heart was content as we travelled back home. It’s a different feeling when you get to do something you love, for me that’s traveling, with the people that hold a special place in your heart.
Have you been to Nagoya? How was it?

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15 thoughts on “Top 5 Things to See in Nagoya

  1. Japan is a dream destination of mine! I’ll keep this place in mind.

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    1. May it never remain a dream. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!


  2. Wow, you make me want to explore the rest of Japan even more! ❤️


    1. I’m happy to be an inspiration. Let’s explore Japan more! 🙂

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