Hotel Review: Toyoko Inn Busan Station 2

Locating this functional hotel wasn’t difficult as expected. From Busan Station, the distance was walkable. As soon as we entered the reception hall, I immediately felt comfortable as if it wasn’t our first time there. The receptionist who accommodated us came off as professional and the way she spoke was admirable.

Soon enough, we got to our designated room which appeared modest and cute. The wooden furnishings got me. Just my style. We were able to utilize the flat-screen TV, heater, mini fridge, bathroom, and safe without any trouble.

toyoko inn busan station 2

Look at this bathroom! The size is definitely bigger than a typical hotel bathroom in Japan. So this is a plus point.

Housekeeping was done accordingly. Toiletries were always available, as well as clean towels and bottled water. Breakfast is free in this hotel. So is parking. I can’t comment on those complimentary perks since we didn’t avail them. I just can’t think of any complaint right now. Our stay was surprisingly pleasant. Another thing to like about this inn is its location. My husband and I were able to check all the tourist spots off our list and even went to a few more. This is because the hotel is conveniently located not far from the sightseeing spots that we intended to visit. Not to mention the restaurants and shops nearby. You see, choosing a good hotel is important in achieving a hassle-free trip. Speaking of which, save your energy and time, check out my list of tourist spots to visit in Busan here.

I’d definitely recommend this hotel. Where did you stay in Busan?

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4 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Toyoko Inn Busan Station 2

  1. Thank you for this and the “10 Tourist Spots”! I used to occasionally travel to Busan for work… wonderful city! I’d usually stay at the Ibis Ambassador (no complaints, but I always had to insist on a non-smoking room). It’s adjacent to the awesome maze of the Bujeon Market, and that was usually where’s I’d eat. Exploring the underground up from the Jalgalchi area on foot could also be fun, with hundreds of mom-and-pop businesses lining the route. I’ve always wanted to go back when I had more time to better explore the city, and there are several interesting places on your list I’ve never seen. Cheers!


    1. Happy to share! And thank you for sharing your experience.

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