Review: Innisfree Aloe Revital Sleeping Pack

Dry skin? This review is dedicated to this issue. Read on to know whether this Korean product is a lifesaver or not.

After my third skin treatment session, my skin lost its excess oil but nowadays it feels dry. It could be the aftermath of the treatment or just the cold season. So just in time for this, I got this one from our trip to Jeju last September. It’s been about 2 months since I began using this. My recent nighttime skincare routine consists of a facial wash cleanser, toner, and this. I add facial masks and eye care every now and then. I’ve learned that fewer products can give better results. What’s your opinion on this?

innisfree aloe revital sleeping pack review
100ml, 12,000 won


  1. A hydrating cream-type sleeping mask with Jeju chemical-free aloe extract for intensive hydration while asleep
  2. It helps to soothe the skin damaged from UV rays and heat while providing intensive moisture to the skin.
  3. Removes dead skin cells

Release an appropriate amount in the last step of basic skincare in the evening, apply evenly over face, avoiding the eye and lip areas, and go to sleep.


  1. Free of colorant, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, animal ingredients, and other harmful chemicals.
  2. I’ve never had any skin abnormalities since I started using this.
  3. Gives lightweight, refreshing moisture, and a fresh finish. It has a cooling effect but not sticky at all (if you only apply a little).
  4. My skin absorbs it pretty quickly. You don’t need a lot of the product.
  5. After using for continuous nights, I’ve noticed that the red parts of my skin have been slightly reduced. Moreover, my skin feels hydrated the next day. No tightness whatsoever.
  6. So far, I haven’t had any breakouts due to using this cream.


  1. Your skin may not absorb it quickly if you put a lot of the product.
  2. It may cause breakouts of you have oily skin since it’s cream-based.
  3. Since it contains some natural ingredients, you can’t keep this for a long time once opened. You have to use it as quickly as possible after opening.

Do note that using this product do not guarantee immediate good results. As I’ve said earlier, I’ve only noticed a slight change after many nights. However, this doesn’t keep me from liking it. The size might be small but it can last up to 6 months or so (less than a year only). Thus, it’s worth the price. I’d love to buy this again. Also, I highly recommend it.
Have you tried it? How was it? What’s your favorite sleeping pack? Let me know in the comments!

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