Review: Shiseido Elixir Day Care Revolution SPF50+ PA++++

This sunscreen has two types: the Elixir Superieur Day Care Revolution which has the golden packaging and the Elixir White Day Care Revolution that has the white packaging. The second one focuses more on the whitening effect and contains more whitening ingredients, thus the name. But both promise to prevent the formulation of pigmentation and dark spots caused by sun exposure. Unlike the white one, the golden one doesn’t have any color when applied to your face which I prefer. So today’s review is on the Elixir Superieur which I have been using for over a month now.

shiseido elixir day care revolution spf 50 review
35ml, 3,080 yen


  1. Combines functions of hydration, makeup base and sun protection
  2. Protect and re-hydrates your skin while preventing the formulation of pigmentation and dark spots caused by sun exposure. It also helps to brighten dull and tired look skin for a healthy complexion.
  3. For all skin type
  4. With SPF 50+ PA++++
shiseido elixir day care revolution spf 50 review
with a milky and creamy texture


  1. In the morning, apply as the last step of skin care regimen, take a 1 yen coin size in the palm of your hand and make it to the whole face.
  2. Then overlay the cheeks etc. more susceptible to the influence of ultraviolet rays.
  3. You can use the foundation at the end of the morning care.
  4. If the amount used is too small, the ultraviolet protection effect can not be obtained.


  1. Light floral scent
  2. Super lightweight and fast-drying
  3. No white cast
  4. Glides smoothly (I don’t need to rub it on my face.)
  5. It truly hydrates my dry skin. My skin doesn’t feel tight when using this. (My skin feels dry these days.)
  6. I don’t have to use a primer with this one as it also acts as a makeup base. And it works well with my face powder.
  7. I love that it doesn’t make my face look whiter than my neck. It’s colorless when applied.
  8. Doesn’t irritate my acne-prone skin.


  1. A bit pricey for its size
  2. If you prefer natural ingredients, you might want to skip this one as it contains some chemicals but not really harmful.

Consistency-wise, I have to say that this one is better than my old favorite sunscreen. I guess I’ll ditch the old one for this.

What’s your experience with this Japanese product? What brand are you currently using? Let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Review: Shiseido Elixir Day Care Revolution SPF50+ PA++++

  1. Elixir i loved those product specially spf 50++ no need to put base on your make up. Its very radiant i love it. Much

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  2. Also loved this post, these products are beautiful, I recently used their serum and reviewed it in my Shopped My Stash series, beautiful results ☺ Thanks for sharing this.


  3. Loved reading this post, I have added this SPF to my beauty list and will see if i can get hold of a sample before i buy the full product.



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