Review: Biore Deodorant Z Unscented

Application-wise, this roll-on type deodorant is better than my old one. It doesn’t only prevent body odor but it also moisturizes your underarm as it contains moisturizing ingredients such as Thujopsis branch extract, hyaluronic acid and cork tree extract. The combined “Sweat Instant Dry Powder” will keep the skin smooth and comfortable. I’ve been using this for a couple of months now. The best time for me to apply it is right after shower. One swipe is enough for it to be absorbed quickly.

biore deodorant z unscented review
40ml, Made in Japan, less than 1,000 yen


  1. cute packaging
  2. easy to apply
  3. dries up quickly (apply one swipe only)
  4. truly unscented
  5. Not sticky at all.
  6. Doesn’t leave stains on my clothes.
  7. The anti-bacterial effect against odor bacteria lasts for hours. Or I should say that I’ve never been worried about body odor since I started using this.


  1. I get that stinging feeling whenever I apply this after shaving. It’s probably due to the fact that it contains alcohol. But when not shaving, it doesn’t really irritate my skin.
  2. It can’t suppress sweat for long hours.

If you’re sensitive to alcohol, be careful with using this. But if not, I’d totally recommend this one if you care more about BO than sweat.

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