Review: FLOWFUSHI LIP 38°C Lip Treatment

This lip treatment promises everyone’s lips a gorgeous, slightly flushed lip color of the optimal 38-degree body temperature. The color of each person’s lips is different due to the difference in blood temperature. LIP 38°C is blended luxuriously with FLOWFUSHI’s unique ingredient “end mineral” that increases your blood circulation and leads to 38°C  rosy-coloured lips. It also focused on the bacteria living in the skin. Prevents dullness and hyperpigmentation of thin, delicate lips while protecting from UV rays. Comes in 5 different colors with different functions.

flowflushi lip 38°C lip treatment review coral orange
Almost 2,000 yen, 6.5ml

It did pique my interest so I went ahead and bought one for myself last summer (about 2 months ago). I chose +5°C Coral Orange / HOT for hyperpigmented and dull-looking lips for obvious reasons.


  • cute packaging
  • easy to apply
  • can be used daily for a natural glossy look
  • not sticky
  • cruelty-free
  • unscented
  • with SPF20 PA++
  • It does improve the dullness of my lips (refer to the image below).


  • It’s moisturizing but doesn’t last long.
  • Can’t really get rid of hyperpigmentation (refer to the image below). All it does is just give my lips a glossy finish.

flowflushi lip treatment effect

Since it can’t really help me with my major concern which is hyperpigmentation, I won’t repurchase. However, I’d still recommend it to those who don’t have dark lips. You might want to try the other colors as follows:
+3°C Coral Pink / VIVID for pale lips
+1°C Baby Pink / NATURAL
+-0°C Crystal / CLEAR
-2°C Ice Green / COOL – for red lips

What do you think of this Japanese product?

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