Review: Maybelline V-Face Duo Powder

I use this contour and highlight powder whenever I want to get the V-face look. There’s nothing wrong with having a round face. In fact, it can make someone look younger. It’s just sometimes I want to look a bit different. You feel me?

maybelline v-face duo powder review
Shade: Medium/Dark, 1,600 yen (tax excluded)

STEP 1: Apply dark shade along the jawline and hallows of the cheeks and blend well.
STEP 2: Apply light shade to the high points of the face, like the tops of cheeks and bridge of the nose, and blend well.


  1. Simple yet functional packaging
  2. The shade fits my skin tone well.
  3. Smooth texture
  4. Highlight has a little shimmer, but not the contour
  5. Light on the skin
  6. Gives light coverage and natural finish
  7. Easy to blend
  8. Comes with a mirror and a soft brush
maybelline v-face duo powder review


  1. Can be messy around the case due to the loose powder.
  2. It doesn’t last long (it stays for about 3 hours without sweating). Especially the highlight powder.

For quick and easy contouring, this product does it well. I might use it with some cream contour to make it last longer. But for now, I’m okay with this. Have you tried this? What do you think about it?

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