13 Places to Visit in Jeju Island

I still can’t believe that I finally set foot on the island of my dreams. After our 2 failed attempts, I thought this place was never meant for me. No words can describe how I felt the minute we landed on the “Hawaii of Korea.” It left me speechless and I felt like I was only dreaming. The fresh wind and smell of the sea awoke my astonished soul. I can still feel it right now. Before I lose myself into daydreaming, let me start sharing with you the places my husband and I managed to tick off the list.

This post will be written in a breezy matter-of-fact manner like I always intend to do. So sit back and have fun! Links are available for more details (directions, access, etc).

  1. Yongduam Rock
    yongduam rock jeju
    Dragon Head Rock

    Legend has it that this rock was once a dragon who wanted to ascend to heaven but was unlucky to fulfil the dream. This seaside view offers a majestic sight during sunset.
    *Free admission

  2. Samseonghyeol Shrine
    samseonghyeol shrine jeju
    the legendary birthplace of three demigods of Jeju

    The oldest historic site of Korea where you can learn about the story of the 3 demigods who came out of the 3 holes found in this site.
    *Admission fee: 1,000 won (per adult)

  3. Jeju Stone Park
    jeju stone park
    A world-class cultural park

    This is probably the most unique museum I’ve ever been to. You won’t only gain knowledge here but you’ll also experience and see the indigenous spirit and work of art value of the culture of the island at its finest. Once you enter, you’ll forget the outside world.
    *Admission fee: 5,000 (per adult)

  4. Jeju Loveland
    jeju loveland
    the only sexual theme park in Korea

    Out of curiosity, we went to this modern and sex-themed sculpture park to see the imaginative artworks of sexuality. It was quite amusing and liberating at the same time.
    *Admission fee: 12,000 won (per adult)

  5. Teseum Jeju (Teddy Bear Theme Park)
    teseum teddy bear theme park jeju
    A museum decorated with cute stuffed toys

    An indoor exhibition space that’s filled with little and life-sized teddy bears and other stuffed toys. If you like those things, you’ll definitely enjoy this place. It displays different themes that are pleasing to see.
    *Admission fee: 10,500 won (per adult)

  6. Mysterious Road
    mysterious road jeju
    Is it really mysterious?

    My husband and I got confused while driving down this road because we didn’t experience anything different. However, they say that this road defies gravity that when you place a car on this steep road, the car does not roll down but it goes up. I can’t attest to it, though. The fact that I know is that there were a group of people/tourists surrounding this area.
    *Free admission

  7. Osulloc Tea Museum
    osulloc tea museum jeju
    first tea museum in Korea

    If you’re a tea lover, don’t miss this lovely place! Free tea tasting awaits you. Also, Innisfree house is located here. You’ll get to experience soap making and shop your favourite products.
    *Free admission

  8. Seongeup Folk Village
    seongeup folk village jeju
    A small town that shows the unique culture of Jeju

    A stroll around this little town will give you that feeling of simplicity and peace. It was fascinating for me to see the preserved atmosphere of the past. I felt like I was in an old movie.
    *Free admission

  9. Jeju Aerospace Museum
    jeju aerospace museum
    An advanced aerospace museum that’s both educational and entertaining

    Even if you’re not much of a space person, this is an absolute worth-visiting place. It’s near Osulloc Tea Museum so it was an interesting transition for me. From nature to space!
    *Admission fee: 10,000 won (per adult)

  10. Dodu-dong Rainbow Coastal Road
    dodu-dong rainbow coastal road jeju
    Witness the sea and sky meet here

    This was our last destination as it’s near the airport. You can enjoy the breeze and scenic view here upon your arrival or prior to your departure. If you want to get a little closer to the sea, you can find the stairs leading you to the shore.
    img_4376*Free admission

  11. Black Pork Street
    black pork street jeju
    A street of a wide range of restaurants that specialize in black pork 

    Black pork is pretty popular in Jeju and this avenue has it. You can also take a walk around the area to see the old city. We had our lunch at Hwaro Hyang whose owner was kind to us.

    recommended black pork restaurant

    affordable and satisfying
  12. Jungang Shopping Mall
    jungang shopping mall jeju
    The only underground shopping mall in Jeju

    Of course, if you want to do some shopping spree, this is the perfect place for you. It consists of around 300 hundred shops so you’ll surely find what you want to buy. I bought some face masks here and was surprised how affordable it was compared to the price in Japan.

  13. Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market
    jeju dongmun traditional market
    The largest and oldest permanent market in Jeju

    A good place to be with the locals while enjoying some traditional eats and stuff.

    Note: Jeju is tourist visa-free for Philippine passport holders ONLY IF you arrive at and depart from Jeju International Airport.

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Have you been to Jeju? How was it? If not, which of these places would you like to visit?

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