Review: The Saem Cover Perfection Pore Primer

I gave away my previous primer after using this one for a couple of times. If my memory serves me right, this one costs a bit more than the previous brand but its performance makes up for it. Like I always mention, I’m a bit prudent to whatever I put on my face due to my sensitive and acne-prone skin. So what’s with this Korean product?

the saem cover perfection pore primer
Purchased at Don Quijote


I’ve been searching online about this product but to no avail. So based on my understanding, it’s a primer that promises to cover up large pores and keep your make up in place.

After applying your skincare routine, take a small amount and gently massage on the T-zone or all over the face. Wait for 1-2 minutes before applying makeup.

the saem cover perfection pore primer review


  1. It’s a bit creamy but doesn’t leave a sticky feeling.
  2. With a light pleasant scent that goes away later on.
  3. Dries up quickly.
  4. Less is more with this primer.
  5. It blurs my large pores a bit (not perfectly, but I’m okay with it).
  6. Doesn’t trigger pimples.
  7. Can prevent greasiness for a few hours.
  8. Can prevent creasing for a few hours.
  9. The packaging is simple yet easy to use.


  1. If you don’t allow it to dry up, it may mess up with your foundation.
  2. It works okay but not for long hours.

Because I don’t wear makeup for long hours all the time, I’m quite satisfied with this product. For that, I’d recommend it. What’s your favorite Korean primer?

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