Review: Mandom Barrier Repair Series

Barrier Repair Power of Rice Milk line claims to help get rid of skin tiredness/dullness caused by the external environmental factors like stress, climate, and inadequate sleep and restore a healthy balance of skin moisture and sebum level, leaving you a supple and healthy-looking skin. It’s composed of 3 products. I bought them last May at Don Quijote for a discounted price hoping they would do something nice for my skin. Before I tell you about my experience with the series, here’s what you’d want to know about these 3.

Barrier Repair Primal Booster

barrier repair primal booster review

This booster serum attracts moisture before toners, enhancing the skin’s moisture density. The rich, milk-like serum quickly soaks into the skin, resulting in soft skin and prepares it for the following skincare steps. Contains brown rice bran-derived, “Rice Milk Complex”. It hydrates the skin from the inside, for soft, elastic skin.

Apply an appropriate amount all over your face after cleansing, but before toning. Wait for 1-2 minutes before moving on to the next step.

Barrier Repair Essence Lotion

barrier repair essence lotion review

An alcohol-free lotion toner that penetrates deep into the skin, restores skin moisture and sebum balance and moisturizes the skin underneath. The watery lotion absorbs instantly for deep penetration without feeling sticky. No mineral, fragrance, color, and preservatives.

Take an appropriate amount and gently tap the product all over your face. Apply after the primal booster serum.

Barrier Repair Sleeping Pack

barrier repair sleeping pack review

An overnight gel that helps care for skin disrupted by lack of sleep, stress, and a hectic lifestyle. Made with a Rice Milk Complex from the superfood brown rice, with a high concentration of rice fermentation extract for luminous, hydrated skin.

Take a small amount and gently massage all over the face. Apply at the end of your skincare routine.


  1. No chemical-like scent
  2. Moisturizing
  3. Easy to apply


  1. Made my skin more oily
  2. Tiny bumps appeared the next day
  3. A bit sticky for me

If you ask me, I won’t recommend this line to those who have oily and acne-prone skin. Have you tried these products? Share your experience with us!

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