My First Plasma Shower Experience

Plasma Shower is a next-generation skin treatment device that doesn’t use needles in contrast to the conventional use of needles to introduce cosmetic ingredients that are effective for the skin. It can be performed without anesthesia. There is no downtime and no impact on daily life. This is the second method suggested to me by the specialist at Tokyo Acne Clinic since it can improve acne problem. It can also improve uneven pigmentation, dull complexions, and redness. 

So I went back to the said clinic for my first session of this treatment yesterday. After some introduction of this method and picture taking, a female experienced staff went on with it. It’s important not to wear anything on your face when getting this treatment so that the process will be commenced right away.

The staff was gentle the whole 30 minutes and she made sure I was okay with the device. There was little pain and I didn’t have any discomfort or rashes afterward. So it was a good start. She explained every step and I could tell that she did everything accordingly. Thus, I’m looking forward to the second session.

Before leaving, she emphasized on applying sunscreen every single day. Here’s my current skin situation.

close up look

No pimples for the time being but the redness is still very obvious and I don’t really notice any dramatic difference. Let’s see what will happen after my last session which will be after a couple of months.

Have you tried Plasma Shower? How was it?

*featured image by Pexels

Author: The Pinay Ajumma

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