Tokyo Acne Clinic: Treatment Info and First Session Experience

This summer has been unkind to my skin. My face is oilier than ever and sometimes pimples pop out here and there. I figured it was time for me to turn to a specialist and see if it works. My first experience actually was back home in Cebu years ago and I swore I’d never go to any clinic again. It was too painful for me. However, I thought things would be a bit different here in Japan so I took back what I said.

As promised in my previous post, here’s a photo of my current skin situation:

tokyo acne clinic
oily, tiny bumps, dark spots and red acne marks around my cheeks, pimples on my chin

Last Saturday, I went back to Tokyo Acne Clinic to receive my first treatment session. I was advised to get two treatment methods for my case and so I agreed. The methods are namely: Medical Acne Care and Plasma Shower which I’ll be getting for 3 times in roughly 4 months.

Medical Acne Care is their original “not repeated” new acne treatment that cuts off the origin of acne. They target the sebaceous glands that cause acne and use a dedicated device to insert fine insulation needles into the pores where acne is occurring to shrink the sebaceous glands. The abnormal sebaceous gland is directly energized to reduce the amount of sebum. This treatment is said to prevent the recurrence of acne.

This method was the first one given me to last Saturday. It lasted for about an hour. The preparations were done by a female staff like applying an anesthetic cream, discharging acne pus, and cleaning. The fine insulation needle device was handled by an experienced doctor. Both of them were gentle and did their jobs professionally. Especially with the needle device that was painful, the doctor was very careful but quick. As an introvert, all the attention given to me was a bit too much for me but I managed to stay calm and just hoped for it to end quickly. I smiled my way out of it and my husband’s presence was a big help as well. Also, I liked that it was done in a private room.

During the needle part, it’s expected to feel pain (as if being flipped with a rubber band)  especially for the first time but the doctor praised me for not giving up in the middle of it. They said some patients would ask them to stop and apply more anesthetic cream and proceed. I guess I’m good at dealing with pain. LOL

I’ll talk a little about Plasma Shower after my first session of it. Come Friday, I’ll go there again to get a medical treatment which is given after the Medical Acne Care treatment. My first Plasma Shower treatment will be given perhaps a week after that.

Now, let me show you how my face looked like after getting their first Medical Acne Care treatment.

tokyo acne clinic
reddish and a bit swollen

The doctor told me not to worry about it because it’d get better in 3 days or so. I was also advised to take antibiotics for 3 days and apply a medical cream (paid for separately). At this time of writing, my face feels and looks better. If you want to know the cost of this treatment, feel free to contact me.

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4 thoughts on “Tokyo Acne Clinic: Treatment Info and First Session Experience

  1. This is kind of random, but you have really pretty lips😍 And this might not be helpful, but to me I can’t see any problems in your ‘before’ picture.


    1. So kind of you to say. Thank you! It’s noticeable in person. 😀

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