Hotel Review: Hotel Boss Singapore

My traveling companions and I booked this hotel on a whim. The real story is that we arrived at our first hotel (K Hotel 14, via and had to cancel it right away. The reason is that we didn’t feel comfortable with it. If I’m being honest, I have to say that the place looked shabby which was the opposite of their photos posted online. Another thing is that it’s located in an area regarded as a red-light district in Singapore. I knew it all along but was told that the area is safe anyhow. However, the moment I saw K Hotel 14 in person, my gut was telling me not to stay there and my companions had the same feeling as well.

Thanks to the internet, we found Hotel Boss which is way better than K Hotel 14. Price-wise, it’s higher but the comfort makes up for it. It’s conveniently located near Lavender MRT station and within close proximity to shopping districts such as Orchard Road, Bugis and City Hall. Outside of it is a food center where you can enjoy local dishes for cheaper rates.

hotel boss singapore lobby
the lobby, photo credits to the owner

The wide and dazzling lobby welcomed us together with the crowd. It was a busy day which gave me the impression that this hotel must be popular. The three of us had a good 3-night stay here. We slept on really nice beds (1 queen, 1 single). The room was made up, clean towels and bottled water were given, and toiletries were refilled daily. Shower worked well even though its space isn’t that generous. I can’t find any faults with regards to their facilities and accommodation actually.

hotel boss singapore review
view from our hotel room

What I noticed about their receptionists (not everyone, of course) and perhaps the only thing that I candidly disliked is that they lacked manners. I don’t know if it’s just culture difference but it was my first time seeing a few receptionists looking annoyed or talking in a loud voice with an irked tone while conversing with some guests. This isn’t my way of getting back at them but I’ve experienced it first-hand. I had a little bit of confusion with our booking and as a guest, I asked them about it without being upset or angry. I was rather looking or sounding confused for sure but two of their receptionists talked to me in a not so pleasant manner. Their faces appeared irate for a reason that I couldn’t recognize. I’ve heard and experienced it myself that Chinese people are loud and rude sometimes. I really don’t mind it because people like that are everywhere but I just hope that people who work in a field where they have to deal with human beings should be more patient and be always professional at work. If you can’t do that, you better change your job. Something that doesn’t require you to talk to people every single day.

So it was a phase that happened during our trip to Singapore but I didn’t let it spoil everything. Had a great time with my sis and friend there. Things like this happen and I always try not to let them rain on my sunny day. I hope you do the same thing.

*featured image: credits to the owner

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6 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Hotel Boss Singapore

  1. Interesting about the terse treatment from staff at HB. I agree with you.

    Singapore’s Red-Light District is actually fairly safe, but I’ve had similar experiences traveling. Sometimes it’s difficult to make accurate assessments about lodgings from the advertising. So thank you for this!


    1. I’ve never been treated like that before but thank God I managed to compose myself throughout.

      Couldn’t agree more! Glad to share. Thanks for your time. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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  2. Nice view!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Luckily you stay positive down in Singapore coz so many amazing places to visit

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I always try to be positive. I agree with you. Thanks for dropping by!


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