Gudetama Cafe Singapore

If you have no idea what Gudetama (ぐでたま) is, let me give you the gist. It’s a cartoon character made by the Japanese company Sanrio and its name means lazy egg in English. It’s known for its indifferent attitude to everything and yet this genderless character won so many Japanese hearts and probably foreign hearts as well especially these days. While I’m not one of them, I still find Gudetama adorable in a way.

I ended up visiting my very first Gudetama cafe for a friend who’s crazy about this melancholy egg yolk. It’s located in Suntec City, a popular retail destination in Singapore which wasn’t that hard to track down.

gudetama cafe singapore
entrance to the world of Gudetama

As expected, the cafe is charmingly decorated that can lure anybody in. I discerned it gave off that welcoming ambience which was something I looked on with favor. Some cafes kind of emanate that for-rich-only vibe. You know what I mean?

Anyway, lucky for us (me, my little sister, and friend) it wasn’t jam-packed yet when we got there so we secured ourselves, shall I say a special spot.

gudetama cafe singapore review
cuteness overload

I don’t know but I felt the rush of joy as we were about to sit here. What they did to this place is more than amazing. A big round of applause for the astonishing interior design. Right after settling ourselves, we went on to decide what we were getting. To order, a device or an iPad is used which suits the convenience of both parties I reckon. Easy-peasy. We didn’t wait long for our orders to be served. The waitress who was serving us during our visit seemed nice.

Now let’s talk about the dish I opted for.

gudetama cafe singapore smoked salmon eggs benedict review
“I’m cold” Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, 26.90 SGD

This is their version of the classic Eggs Benedict that consists of poached eggs wrapped up with smoked salmon and mashed avocado on toasted brioche, generously trickled with zesty yuzu hollandaise sauce and ebiko (shrimp roe), served with tater tots, grilled mushrooms, and seasonal greens.

The dish was set out in a pan and the portion was surprisingly large. Needless to say, it was too cute to eat. I sniffed it and smelled interesting. Started with the tater tots and liked how crispy the exterior was. Next, the grilled mushrooms which weren’t overly grilled. Then I sliced a piece of the main dish and boy was it full of different flavors. Felt like I entered into a whole new world of taste. It may sound like an exaggeration but for someone who grew up eating with just scrambled, fried, or boiled eggs with rice, it was a unique tang indeed. Flavor-wise there was no instant liking to it obviously but gradually, it became familiar to me. The tender salmon was a little salty for me but I enjoyed it a bit along with the sauce and the other things.

I’m inclined to think that it was an overwhelming dish and relatively heavy for me. That being so, it resulted in me not being able to finish it up which was a shame because it wasn’t moderately priced. However, I was truly glad and felt fortunate for the experience besides, I was with good people. As a foodie, I’d love to go back there and try the other dishes if given a chance. Perhaps, I’ll find something that would perfectly suit my palate.

Have you been to this cafe? How was your experience? What dish would you recommend?



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