Review: LB Velvet Cheek Color

LB stands for ladybird which was derived from an ancient European story about a ladybird believed to bring luck. The brand name was selected to signify that good fortune will turn up when all women in the world use their products. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Apparently, this Japanese brand is popular among Korean customers. I might have an idea why.

I stumbled upon this blusher at Don Quijote and instantly purchased after trying it out. Its color is right up my alley. I reckon it’s perfect for summer and probably okay for daily use or any makeup look.

lb velvet cheek color review
Color: Natural Peach, 3g, 900 yen (tax excluded)


  1. A blusher that looks good and feels comfortable.
  2. Highly pigmented and blendable.
  3. Has extremely fine powder which makes application easy.
  4. Gives your cheek a soft blush and smooth velvet texture.
  5. Available in 6 colors: natural peach, light nectar, dark orange, glow highlight, classic sangria, shade brown
  6. Comes with a brush

Just to show you how pigmented it is, I compared it with my favorite from KissMe Ferme.

lb velvet cheek color

I like that it’s absolutely highly colored but blendable at the same time. The color stays on for a good amount of time for me. When I tried wearing it for a couple of times, I went out and came back home without reapplying. And the most important factor is that it doesn’t cause breakouts.

The packaging is simple but nice because of the color being used. You can’t go wrong with black. It’s a bit pricey but I’m pretty satisfied with its quality. Another minor issue is that the brush seems too small for an applicator. I just use the one I got from a thrift shop which works just fine. I’ll keep using it until I hit pan on it. And of course, this goes to my recommended list.

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