My 3 Steps to Removing Makeup (Acne-prone skin)

One of the roots of breakout is clogged pores. It’s definitely no surprise. That’s why it’s essential to observe a good cleansing routine. Much more if you wear makeup and your skin happens to be acne-prone. Makeup residue can clog pores and cause other impurities. Recently, I’ve come up with a regimen that seems to work with my skin and I’d like to share it with you.

I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis for the time being, but when I do, I have to completely wipe it out before I move on to the actual cleansing. Using makeup wipes was okay but not until I noticed that too much friction triggered the redness on my cheeks. As I’ve already mentioned before, I’ve got some skin issues to tackle and I can’t afford to make things worse. Instead of rubbing my face with wipes not just once but many times, why not use 3 different products to do the job without hurting my face? All you need to do is gently massage your face with these items.

Step 1: Cleansing Oil

Remember to use the one that’s recommended for sensitive skin. For this first step, I use this product from a Japanese company called Kokuryudo.

HIPITCH Deep Cleansing Oil

hipitch deep cleansing oil
190ml, 900 yen (tax excluded)


  1. Contains orange oil and eucalyptus oil
  2. No artificial fragrance
  3. Non Comedogenic
  4. Allergy-tested
  5. Passed the stinging test
  6. Can remove waterproof mascara and eyeliner, sunscreen, and firm makeup
  7. Can be used even when you have eyelash extension given that cyanoacrylate glue is used. Other than that, refrain from using this product.


Take a pump to your dry or wet palm and gently massage it all over your face and neck. Rinse well with water.

This can break down 90% (as an illustration) of my makeup that includes long-wearing lipstick, waterproof mascara and eyeliner. One wet wipe certainly can’t do this. I love that it doesn’t have that greasy consistency.

Step 2: Paste Type Makeup Remover

After rinsing off the cleansing oil, this one follows and I use the newly designed item from Kao.

Biore Make up Remover (Paste type)

biore make up remover paste type
210g, 658 yen (tax included)


  1. A paste-type cleaning agent that can be used to remove makeup and wash the face at the same time.
  2. Cleans away foundation that is resistant to water and sweat, sunscreen and makeup base.
  3. Contains moisturizing ingredients
  4. With an orange floral scent


Dispense a small amount of the product into your palm and mix with a little water to make a lather. Gently massage it all over your face and neck. Rinse well with water.

From the remaining 10%, I’d say this one eliminates 8%. It’s creamy and lathers up immediately. Also, it’s not drying my skin.

Step 3: Cleansing Lotion

In order to achieve my goal, the last leg of the routine should be able to get rid of the residue that’s hiding in the areas that are missed by the previous steps. Here comes Bifesta to the rescue!

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion (BRIGHTUP)

bifesta cleansing lotion
300ml, 906 yen (tax included)


  1. Renewed oil-free cleansing lotion
  2. Wipe-off type
  3. No double wash needed
  4. Quickly envelops dirt and thoroughly remove even the thickest makeup.
  5. Contains hyaluronic acid for richly moisturized skin
  6. Contains Vitamin C and lactic acid (a type of AHA) for translucent skin
  7. Also removes dead skin cells


  1. Take a cotton pad, and apply about three pumps.
  2. Start with feature makeup in the eye areas and on lips. Place a generously moistened cotton disk for a while to let the product seep into with makeup. Wipe off gently.
  3. To remove foundation, wipe gently as if to glide the cotton disk on the skin. Change the cotton when soiled, and continue until it looks clean.
  4. The moisturizing ingredients remain on the skin. So there is no need for rinsing. You can move on to the next step of your usual skincare routine.

I apply this on my face and neck prior to toner. Using a cotton bud, I clean up the eyeliner and mascara remains around my eyes with this. And my face feels squeaky clean! I’ll probably talk about the products that I use for facial washing next time.

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5 thoughts on “My 3 Steps to Removing Makeup (Acne-prone skin)

  1. I have just started using cleansing oils, and adding that extra step really makes my skin feel cleaner!


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