Review: Sho-bi Provence Makeup Brush and Sponge Cleaner

How do you get rid of the dirt from your makeup brushes and sponges? Using a bar of laundry soap? Or the liquid one? That’s me. Before I discovered this Japanese cosmetics sundry, I used to waste a lot of water because I had to wash the soap off under running water again and again until I felt that the brushes and sponges were no longer soapy to the touch. The result would always leave me somewhat unsatisfied because the brushes and sponges weren’t totally neat and I could still smell the soap. It was tolerable though. Now I use cheap triangular sponges that work fine and just ditch them so I don’t have to bother cleaning them.

So I figured I could at least do something less harmful to Mother Earth if I found something that would truly work. On my random visit to Don Quijote which turned into a shopping haul, this one piqued my interest. 

Provence is one of the product lineups of  SHO-BI which was founded in 1948 as a miscellaneous cosmetics wholesaler. The company has expanded to now cover everything from original product planning and manufacturing to sales and sales display designs.

sho-bi provence makeup brush and sponge cleaner


  1. A makeup brush and sponge cleanser that clearly washes off dirt and residue.
  2. Contains antibacterial ingredients
  3. Silicon-free
  4. with English instructions
  5. Made in Japan


Makeup brush:
Pour some cleaner into a container and dip the dirty part of the brush into the solution. Swirl the brush in the container until the liquid changes color. Rinse under running water. Remove the excess water and lay it out to dry well in the shade.

Put some cleaner on the sponge and massage the solution into the sponge with your fingers. When the sponge has absorbed the solution, rinse it under running water and squeeze out the excess water. Lay it out to dry well in the shade.

I lost the receipt so I can’t remember how much it was. But I remember I thought it wasn’t that cheap for the size. Bought it anyway.

effective makeup brush cleaner
some of my dirty brushes

These brushes were used 3 times because it’s bad for the skin to use brushes capped with even a week old dirt. I put the product to the test about 2 weeks ago and boy was I dazed. I mean how could this thing give me exactly what I wanted? Didn’t even use a lot of the product (about 10 small drops). Unlike the others, with this one warm water is totally unnecessary.

japanese brand makeup brush cleaner
freshly washed

I just used a paper cup and swirled the brushes for about 2 minutes. With the first attempt of rinsing them under running water, I saw the dirt being readily washed away. They looked as if they were brand-new after drying! The solution didn’t even hurt my hands whatsoever. Knowing that it has an antibacterial effect, I’m totally comfortable using the clean brushes. The solution felt slimy but I didn’t notice any foul odor.

So glad I found this! Will repurchase it and I swear by this cleanser.

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