I tried Kura Sushi’s Fish Burger!

Last March, one of the most popular conveyor belt sushi chains in Japan, Kura Sushi (pronounced as “kurazushi” in Japanese) revealed their very first burger items which got me so curious. The flavors are Kura Burger Meat and Kura Burger Fish. I was more inclined to try the latter which contains fish caught in the waters of Japan. Finally, it happened yesterday.

250 yen (tax excluded), 476kcal

Presentation-wise, it was simple but you’d still want to eat it. I sniffed it (like I always do when I see food for the first time) and there was no distinct smell of fish or anything that could suggest it which I considered very pleasing.

The burger buns are said to be made from rice flour and have black vinegar to make them fluffier and add a touch of sweetness. They were a bit chewy and tasted nice. The size was average and enough for me.

The not so thick patty which I think wasn’t that juicy was topped with fried spring onion which was crunchy on the outside and juicy in the middle, some greens, and I guess there was also some crispy garlic. At first bite, I couldn’t sense the fish flavor but I gradually noticed it. It was a good thing that the spices kind of overshadowed the fish taste which can be pungent at times.

I reckon it was the sauce that made the burger interesting. It was tasty but just a little salty for me. Also, the fact that it wasn’t laborious and sloppy to eat gave me enough reason to finish the whole thing without a gripe. This Japanese creation provided a refreshing experience to my ever inquisitive taste buds. It deserves a second try.

Would you try it?

Author: Sheryl Gim

1990 | Wondering wanderer | Chocolate addict

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