Review: Curel Lip Care Cream

Curel is one of Kao’s brands and is recommended for those who have sensitive skin. This lip balm is one of their products that I’ve been using since November if memory serves. I didn’t have the chance to repurchase my favorite from Innisfree, so I decided to try this one. I use it regularly (day and night) to avoid dry lips. Due to the seasons here in Japan, my lips crack or dry easily. Thus, having a lip balm that’s effective enough is a must. Does this one count?

curel lip care cream review


  1. An intensive moisturizing lip care cream that contains plant-derived ingredients.
  2. Prevents dryness and helps cracked lips recover.
  3. Protects lips from external stimuli.
  4. Contains anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  5. Soft stick type that adheres gently to dry and sensitive lips.


  1. Allergy tested
  2. Alcohol-free
  3. No additives
  4. No fragrance
  5. No color
  6. The packaging is simple, yet functional and hygienic.
  7. Its cap is tight enough.
  8. Easy to apply
  9. Whenever I use it during the day, I don’t have to reapply since it’s long-lasting.
  10. 2 swipes are enough to give your lips moisture.
  11. No irritation or burning sensation
  12. As soon as it’s absorbed, it goes well with my current matte lipstick.
  13. I’ve never had cracked lips since I started using this.

Put out 2-3 mm and gently touch the lips with a light touch. After use, lower the stick to the mouth of the container and cap tightly. 


  1. It’s about 1,000 JPY so it’s a bit expensive for me.
  2. Because it’s somewhat creamy, if you raise and lower too much, the contents will break easily.
  3. If left in direct sunlight, it might melt or its consistency might slightly change. So store it away from direct sunlight.

I have to say I’ve found a new favorite! I’m not advertising it, but I highly recommend it.

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