Review: Rohto Mentholatum Acnes Facial Washing Cream

I’ve been using this Japanese medicated cream cleanser for over 2 months now. I bought this when I finished my previous cleanser from a different brand. If you have an acne prone skin, you might want to read further.

mentholatum acnes cream facial wash
130g, 525 JPY (excluding tax)


  1. It’s a cream type face wash that contains antibacterial ingredients that help prevent pimples.
  2. Formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredients that help reduce inflammation.
  3. Disinfects acne bacteria down the back of the pores and cleanses the sebum and dirt that cause acne.
  4. Contains Vitamin C and E derivatives
  5. Hypoallergenic


Take an appropriate amount into your palm. Mix with a little water and lather. Gently massage it all over your face. Rinse with warm or cool water. Use twice daily.

rohto mentholatum acnes facial wash
creamy consistency


  1. It has a refreshing citrus scent that soon disappears.
  2. Affordable
  3. Hygienic packaging
  4. Easy to dispense
  5. Lathers up quickly.
  6. It’s gentle and not drying.
  7. Skin doesn’t feel tight after use.
  8. Leaves my skin feeling clean and a bit smooth.
  9. The oily feeling disappears after washing.
  10. No tingling sensation
  11. No allergic reaction
  12. It can heal pimples fast.
  13. It can prevent pimples that are caused by dirt.


  1. It can’t prevent hormonal acne. It’s not mentioned as one of the effects, though. However, as someone that experiences such a case, it’d be great if it could so I wouldn’t have to bother using a different product.

It’s actually good for its price so I’ll keep using it. As for the hormonal acne, I’ll figure it out. This is recommended!

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