Unpleasant Experience with StoreMeSili

Let me be clear that this isn’t a rant. This is just an unfortunate experience I had with StoreMeSili, a company I came upon on Instagram that I want to put out not to shame them but to express my dissatisfaction. I can’t make this up. The aforementioned company is marketing silicone-based kitchen utensils for an affordable price and free worldwide shipping. I was also given a discount code to share with my audience, so to speak.

Why did I purchase their stuff?
Simply because I liked their concept that says “Non-Toxic. Functional. Reusable. Responsible.”
They also boast about their products being FDA approved.

So my order arrived yesterday and much to my dismay, I noticed these undesirable things.

storemesili review
The parcel came from God knows who and from China. I never expected it to be coming from a sender with that kind of name.  It’s not even a person’s name.
storemesili review
The box was damaged and one can say that it’s of poor quality.

I don’t even see a bar code, manufacturing details, branding, and other necessary details a legit brand should have.

The utensils were just openly crammed and all dusty.

Some of them were stained and had white loose threads.


I informed them about what I saw and this was their initial comment.


So it was fine by me until they said this:


There, they said it themselves that they NORMALLY have them separately packed and not openly together in the same box which they fell short of. The damaged box is understandable but seeing how poorly the utensils were presented got me to question how safe their products truly are. Not to mention the sudden change of their tone right after I told them that I recorded our whole conversation for future reference. They accused me of threatening them. Is that even a threat? I paid for it and wasn’t satisfied with what I received. As a customer, I have the right to express my disappointment. Yes, the tools seem to be usable but how can I trust them to be safe to use after seeing them in an unacceptable condition.

This is my first time receiving products that weren’t carefully packed. It’s truly disappointing especially when the products are used in the kitchen. Even makeup products I’ve received before were completely sealed despite the boxes being slightly damaged.

This experience has taught me 2 big lessons.

  1. Never fall for aesthetics and too good to be true concepts.
  2. Instagram isn’t always a good spot to buy things from, except for the established and verified brands.

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13 thoughts on “Unpleasant Experience with StoreMeSili

  1. Those tools look used to me. Thank you for this info.

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  2. Aw thank you for this. It’ll sure give me warnings next time.


    1. I can’t stay silent about this. No one else should experience this. Heads-up! You might receive an email from them trying to “defend” themselves. Anyway, have a great day, Jas!^^

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      1. Thank you! Have a great day to you too.

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  3. thebookofjess7504 March 19, 2019 — 5:29 PM

    Sorry this didn’t work out!
    I once ordered a backpack as it looked so good. I received it in a good enough condition, but it tore on the very first day!


    1. While I regret buying from them, I’ll just laugh it off. So funny how a company had the audacity to accuse me of threatening them when it’s too obvious that I received a trash. LOL

      Sorry to hear your unfortunate event as well.

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  4. This is the thing with China-based suppliers. I love their pathetic attempts at customer service that turn overly defensive when there are inherent faults found in their product.

    Just chalk it up to experience next time, and charge it to the game.


    1. Had I known about their China-based warehouse (which they didn’t divulge in the first place), I wouldn’t have pursued buying.

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      1. At least you have this entry to warn other people. 🙂


        1. Yes, naive customers don’t deserve this. 🙂

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